Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Busy life!

I really wish I could be asleep right now, but I have a little girl who hasn't decided if she thinks that's a good idea yet! Joanna is laying in her bassinet drifting off to sleep, only to wake back up every few minutes and wiggle around. I guess I just don't want to fall asleep just as she decides being awake is the cool thing to do.
Being a Mommy of three is pretty cool so far. I wont lie, it's a lot of extra work. The transition itself of having three to take care of and keep alive (ha ha) wasn't really any big deal. My house gets messier more often, but the messes get cleaned up and life goes on. I do think Constance and Nathaniel have both had behavior issues due to just not getting enough attention and ... simply knowing they can get away with more if Mommy is busy with baby! That was a big reason I decided to switch to formula feeding last week, as I felt like I was so obsessed with how Joanna was being fed and I couldn't focus on my other two kids. Things are slowly getting better, but I can definitely say I am feeling the challenge and my coffee pot has been working extra hard lately!
Joshua has been offered a new job and I think he is going to take it. I'm not going to lie - I am a bit nervous. I mean, I am someone who really does not like change and change seems to be the ongoing theme in my life these days. However, I am also excited about the possibilities that can come about with a new job. I am thrilled that he wont be at his current company anymore, although I know leaving 10 years behind (his entire adult life) will be hard. I am also excited about this job giving him Wednesdays and Sundays off, which means he will be able to be at church and serve more in the ministry the way he would like to. At the end of the day, that's where his heart is and it has been very hard on him to have missed as much as he has in the past few months.
I started piano lessons back up yesterday! I am a little nervous to see how I will be able to practice and really learn stuff as I am already so busy with the kids, home, and playing for most services anyway ... but I felt like I needed to just bite the bullet. I figure if it's too much I can always cut back some. Right now I am wanting to learn to read music better - especially on the bass clef, as I never learned that at all! I typically just read the treble and pick out each chord by ear when it comes to hymnals ... which gets the job done, but I always hear other chords and notes being played when I youtube and while I know some of that is thrown in there, the sheet music itself sometimes has stuff that I may not necessarily pick out by ear. Chording like that works pretty well for hymnals, but I guess I just want to know as much as I can so I can be as useable as I can. Plus, the thing I love about music is that there really is no final level. There is always something to learn. It's so much like life! Now if I could just get over my nerves ,,, phew!
My eyes are heavy, so I think I will attempt sleep. Oh, sleep. My dear old friend that I just can't seem to spend time with enough anymore!

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