Thursday, February 19, 2015

My good life

Miss Joanna Leigh made her entrance on February 7th at 3:10pm! She weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz and was 20.5 inches long. Labor and delivery was cake ... much different and more enjoyable than my other two. I actually made it to my induction date this time around, so we were able to just stroll right in and get things moving. I was able to take in the whole experience and relax, which was nice. Haha, that doesn't even sound like labor does it?! No really, my birth experience with her was easier than recovering. Seriously. I could do that every day.
Her first few days were a bit stressful, but not without many blessings. Between waiting on my milk to come in and watching her jaundice levels go down, I was constantly worried about something. I was also experiencing a bit of baby blues, especially when I came home and saw my big babies. In fact, I broke into tears when I saw my little Nathaniel - he looked like he had grown a ton! Both of my older kids just seem to be so big now, a little more mature now that they have a little sister in the house. It's so weird!
It's amazing how busy we have been since she has been home and my typical reaction to having so much go on at once is to panic. However, the Lord has given much grace. That's all I can say. We needed a new vehicle to suit our family and seriously within a couple of hours of needing to take them all out together, the Lord provided and filled our need with a nice used minivan! He has also given us plenty of opportunity to spend time together and enjoy these early days together as a family of five, which is nice. I am not too terribly sleep deprived, although nights where she is up every hour to nurse can be very taxing! We have had many people praying for our sweet girl, as her bilirubin levels were a little high and within a couple of days they were back down! We were able to affordably fix our heat before this painfully cold weather rolled in. My laundry hasn't even piled up too badly. My little ones absolutely love their new little family member, constantly wanting to look at her and hold her! I just cannot wait to see how they all get along as she gets older and what all of their personalities are going to be like with one another. I think it is safe to say this has been the easiest bringing home baby experience Joshua and I have ever had ... and we are enjoying it thoroughly. I am so thankful for how the Lord has provided during this time and has given us grace to just smoothly transition into being a family of five. It honestly does not feel like there ever was a time little Joanna wasn't here. :)
I am feeling pretty good now that we are almost through with our second week. My back was really weak and I was also dealing with typical nursing woes, but most of that seems to be subsiding. I am getting into a routine with the kids and housework, which is very needed! I am also enjoying getting to sit down and just enjoy life a little more leisurely, especially considering how much little Miss Piggy likes to eat!
God has been so good to this little family. Our needs are met, we are blessed with many of our wants being met ... my cup runneth over! Like the song says, I am drinking from my saucer.

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