Tuesday, November 4, 2014

25 week update :)

25 weeks sounds like such a big number doesn't it?! I've got fifteen more weeks to go, two weeks until my third trimester and February really isn't that far away. I can't believe time has flown so quickly! When I was pregnant with Constance, we weren't involved in nearly as much and we didn't have kids to run after so that summer was hot and long ... it seemed like she would never get here! My pregnancy with Nathaniel went by a little quicker, but nothing like this. Funny how it seems like the older you get, the crazier life gets! I love it, though. Bring on the crazy. :)

And for a fun list of updates:
-Joanna is moving all of the time and wiggling herself into all kinds of positions. I have an ultrasound tomorrow to get a better look at the chambers of her heart, as she was wild during her entire anatomy scan. I'm so excited to see her again! Thursday is my gestational diabetes test, which I'm actually kind of excited about because I'm going by myself. I do dread the nasty orange drink (that tastes like flat soda) and them spending thirty minutes trying to find a vein (I'm well known around there for being the one who has difficult veins), but oh well. I'll get to sit for an hour and chill with no little people to look after. I find my breaks in the weirdest of places sometimes.
-Constance is just becoming so mature and indepedent. It's kind of shocking to me how much she understands things and how quickly things click for her. It just happened overnight - she was a toddler and now she is a kid that has her own little responsibilities. She's still sassy as can be and very rowdy, like any normal kid, but I'm just amazed by her. She has finally quit going doodoo in her undies for the most part, which was achieved by making her wash them herself. (I did help and I made sure her hands were cleaned after.) This is nice. I've had quite the time potty training her and getting her through these obstacles. So much that I would've been happy to never potty train Nate. ;P
-Which brings me to my next update: I'm potty training Nathaniel! I was actually going to wait a little longer but after a couple of times of him going in the potty (just a random occurrence when I was curious to see if he would sit there), i figured giving it a shot wouldn't hurt. He's learning and definitely showing a lot of progress, which definitely makes me proud. He is also learning more words! He and Constance share a room now, so I think having the constant interaction brings out his personality and helps him express himself better. He has turned into a crazy, wild, and fun little boy. He's also quite rotten. He's learned that if he lays down and says, "Momma" ... his sister will come and get him anything he wants or needs. He is gonna be rotten with two sisters, I'm just saying!!
-Joshua is doing great. He is working a ton and trying to get money together for the end of the year, but in spite of that he is doing well. He also taught Sunday school a few weeks ago and made me quite proud. I know that preaching and teaching of the Word isn't about the man, but I still gush over my hubby when I see him doing the Lord's will. I'm excited to see where The Lord is gonna take us and how He will use him. 
-I am doing good with the pregnancy. My weight gain is really slow this time around (my other two just made me pack it on), but I'm so busy most days that I don't really have much interest in food! Don't worry, I eat plenty. I'm just curious to see what my doctor says ... maybe he will say, "go home and eat more." Well ... that'd be cool! I've been having super intense round ligament pain, but it goes away with in a few minutes. I guess this little girl is growing a bunch right now. Andddd I crave nothing. I eat about the same as I ever did. Ha! I absolutely love being pregnant in the fall and winter months because I have had no swelling in my hands and feet! Yes! (My other two were born in September and August, so imagine how puffy those feet got.) And I love that sweater dresses and maxi dresses/skirts are what are getting me through, along with bigger sized jeans I wore after having Nate. I may change my tune when we are in negative degree weather, but for now, I'm totally preferring this pregnancy to my summer ones. :)

That's all! Keep us in your prayers and I'll have an update soon on the heart scan and whether not I have gestational diabetes. (I never have, but it's always been a fear of mine ... or to just fail the 3 hour test and have to do it again. Yuck!)

God bless!

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