Friday, October 3, 2014

I think Nathaniel sharing rooms with his sister has been a wonderful thing! The first few days were rough, as he was too excited about about being able to get out of his toddler bed to even think about sleep. But once I wore them out good and plenty with some outside play time, that changed. :) They also do pretty well at night, especially now that they have Constance's glow in the dark stars on the ceiling (which they think is totally cool). I'm pretty excited that it's been a fairly smooth transition thus far. Now I just need to start working on Joanna's room and getting it prepared for her arrival. It seems like this pregnancy is just flying by!
I am also trying to potty train Nate, simply because he has taken interest. He walked up to me the other day grabbing himself and so on he went into the potty. I was so proud! That NEVER happened with his sister ... But she was only 18 months old and not even showing signs. I put him in a pair of training undies this morning and put him on the potty every few minutes to see what would happen, but he started to fuss with me over it so we went back to diapers. I am not gonna push this thing with potty training super hard because I did with his sister and I believe that is why we still have issues with her today! I will keep asking and spending some time with him in the undies until it seems to click, because honestly I think pushing it too hard just challenges those strong wills. He will get it! I just don't want to mess it up by being too over zealous or pushy. :)
Josh has been working tons of overtime, but thankfully he was off at his regular time yesterday for my birthday. We didn't really do much other than grocery shop and get some Taco Bell, but honestly having my family together was enough. He is teaching Sunday school his week which is pretty cool. Now that he's surrendered to preaching, I really enjoy seeing him in that element because I know it's very fulfilling to him. Not only preaching, but the call of service to The Lord. I've been blessed to serve with such an amazing and compassionate man. :)
Baby Joanna is growing tons, although my weight seems to fluctuate between only 3-5 pounds right now. I'm okay with that, just not used to it based on previous pregnancies. But she looked great at the ultrasound and was, at the time, at 13 oz! So, she's a growing! 
Life is going pretty well and I must say that even though I have frustrating moments, I wouldn't trade it. I've been very blessed. :)

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