Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last week we had our anatomy scan and found out we are having a GIRL!! The little sweetheart rolled all over my stomach while managing to keep her legs crossed, but thankfully we were able to get a peek! Her name is Joanna Leigh - the first name was chosen by Joshua before I even got pregnant and Leigh is just a different spelling of my middle name. We are so excited that The Lord has chosen to bless us with another sweet girl and cannot wait to meet her.
Constance is very excited that she is having a baby sister, although she was determined beforehand that it was a boy! But now she is thrilled about the baby and asks quite often about when she will be here! Nathaniel is just laid back as could be about it, which is his personality about everything. I'm secretly glad he gets to stay the baby brother. :)
Other updates?
-Pregnancy wise, I'm feeling great. I get very tired sometimes, but I am growing a little busy human in there! I am only up about 5 lbs, which I'm pretty happy about considering I am halfway there! I exercise when I can, but it's harder and harder with two little ones. Maternity clothes are more for me to feel pregnant right now as I still fit into most of my regular clothes. I just get tired of people not noticing! Ha! Don't worry, they will soon. I always get nice and rounded by the time the baby comes! :D
-The kids are now sharing a room so that Joanna can have a nursery all her own. They seem to be doing well with the transition at night, as they are both usually out within a few minutes. Nap time is still a doozy, but we will figure something out!
-Constance just turned four! Can you believe it??! She is such a big and independent girl now with such a sweet heart. I just love her.
-I'm taking piano lessons from a good friend who is, ahem, amazing. I'm still working with playing by ear since that is the great majority of what I do at church, but eventually I would like to get back to sight reading and improving my skills there. I'm just enjoying learning things and challenging myself. It's also nice to be able to minister through music and be able to play the songs as needed. :)
-Nathaniel is really picking up more and more words each week! He was quiet there for a while, but honestly I always say his sister does a lot of talking for him as she thinks she is his other mom. Ha! (She even waits on him. Goodness gracious!) He is also getting good about repeating words that others say without being coached. I don't know if his doctor will be concerned about his language but I figure if he is still increasing and communicating well, there probably isn't an issue. He's just who he is!
-He also peed in the potty today! Saaaaweeeet!

So there's that. I'm currently craving some coffee (decaf of course) so it's time to hit that up and get some housework done while the boy sleeps. :)

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