Monday, July 21, 2014

What Can I Do?

Serving God isn't always easy. I've only been saved for almost five years and I've already learned this important truth. I call it important, because I feel if a person is jaded about it ... they could wind up falling out fast. I've had disappointments, hurt feelings, and pretty been fed up enough to walk away and never go back. People often fall out of church because of this; they expect that Christians ought to be perfect and a church with problems isn't worth going to. God does have standards for His people and we ought to not abuse His grace by acting however we feel towards others. However, a church is made up of sinners. There will always be problems as long as there are sinners. When my frustrating moments come, I remind myself of this over and over again. 
And then I ask, "what can I do?"
I can't speak for others. I cannot turn the heart of someone who wants to do things a certain way. I can only represent myself and what God expects out of me. That's not to say I put myself on some kind of a soapbox and think, "I'm the only one around here that gets it" ... but I consider the fact that my existence within a church body does make a difference. It may not seem like one little person like myself could do much, but I am a called believer to the cause for Christ. He sees my little part in the big body of believers as vitally important. It's easy to look at everyone else and allow discouragement to seep in, but like I said, I can't change anyone.
(That's frustrating for me. I'm a fixer.)
What can I do?
I can pray. I can lift up my burdens in prayer. I can read the Word of God and allow it to strengthen and illuminate my mind. I can encourage others to do the same, to keep on keeping on. I can share the Gospel with the lost. I can continue to train myself to be instant in season and out of season. I can offer a smile and a friendly word. I can go to someone I haven't spoken to in a while and let them know I love them and am thinking of them. I can teach my children to do the same. I can encourage my husband when he feels down in the dumps. I can be faithful to church and the roles God has given me to be apart of. I can dream big dreams. And I can allow The Lord to use these things to change me and continue to get rid of that old man.
How do I know that this stuff works? Because I saw others do it when I was a very new Christian and it encouraged me. It blessed my heart and lifted my Spirits when someone didn't give up on my infancy in Christ, but tried to lead me along and disciple me. I know I wouldn't be where I am today had it not been for people just sticking to it in spite of any difficulties and frustrations that were tempting enough to almost keep them home on a Sunday morning. 
I know that every single church and ministry has it's issues. It's going to happen. Our job, as Christians, is to not allow ourselves to get bogged down by every discouraging thing we see, but instead we should ask, "what can I do?"

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