Thursday, May 15, 2014


I often have a hard time focusing my thoughts enough to write. I don't really see blogging as a personal diary, because there are things that I'd share in a diary or in prayer that I wouldn't share with the whole world. There was a time when I was much more open about every little thing and every thought that went through my head, but I've since learned it's better to be more discreet. With that said, I still love to share what's on my heart.
I've been working on the song "Saved to the Uttermost" for the past month or so. I started out just playing the notes and chords together ... and I hated the way it sounded. In fact, a big chunk of this past month has involved me digging out the song, playing it, and closing it. I don't have a piano teacher other than YouTube and a few very talented friends, so I watch people's hands and listen A LOT. This may sound like a strange route to take, but it's amazing what I've learned in two years. I went from listening to a song and wondering "how do they do that?!" to "oh ok. I get it." Don't get me wrong. There ARE many musicians out there that blow me away and I still scratch my head trying to figure out how they did it. But that's why playing the piano is so enjoyable. There is always something to learn. Anyway, I learned a few new things and the song sounds a lot better. Well, to me, anyway. Ha!
I've also begun making hair bows! The ones I've made are pretty basic and I've already had some hideous mess-ups, but I'm excited to get more ribbon and keep learning! My husband automatically started thinking, "hey, you can make money doing this!" I'll keep it as a hobby for now and as a way to have something pretty for my little girl to wear ... and maybe if I ever get good at it, I'll sell them. (Did you know the Proverbs 31 wife did contribute financially?)
Constance is nearing the age of 4 and learning very quickly about the things of God. She doesn't understand at this tender age, but I believe and trust that God is already dealing with her heart. She tells me sometimes that when she is big enough, she is going to have Jesus live in her heart. I try to be careful in how I talk with her about this, because I don't want to push her into a false profession or to just "repeat a prayer." (Her Daddy and I both did that as young kids, only to later learn we weren't really saved!) I just answer her questions the best way I know how and I let The Lord do the work. And I pray for that sweet girl.
Nathaniel, my quiet boy, is finally picking up more words. He has been saying words like "car, ma ma,da da, pa pa, and bye bye" for a while. But lately he has just seemed so much more quiet than his sister ever was! I realize part of that is just a difference in personalities, as he is more laid back. The different doctors and child experts I've read seem to all say he is still in the normal range of being verbal, but I've been trying to work with him more on at least trying to say words. He finds it easier to just point and grunt at whatever he is wanting, so I try to get him to say the word (if he wants something to eat, I get him to say "snack.") He points to objects all around the room, I'll say what they are, and he tries to say them back. He's actually learned quite a few this way! Before he started walking, I always said I  would miss the day when he couldn't get away from me so quickly. It'll probably be the same way with this. Two chatty little kids on car trips?! Yikes.
Life has been good. It hasn't been too busy. We have just been enjoying our little family and our home. The Lord has truly blessed me. 

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