Friday, November 15, 2013

Weird, but happy

It's been a weird night. The time change obviously makes everything weird. I don't think that I ever get used to it getting dark at six o'clock during the fall and winter months. On top of that, our car just quit running. It has been giving us trouble for a couple of days, but tonight it just quit. Thankfully we have an uncle who has a car hauler, so we were able to get it home. My poor hubby had been out in the cold for about an hour trying to fix it, running on maybe three hours of sleep after working an awful 12 hour shift. The kids and I kept on as usual, as my little sister in law came and I wanted to make sure we all had fun. We baked a homemade pizza, played school, destroyed both of the kid's rooms, painted nails, and watched Jessie on Disney. My hubby passed out early after eating a good dinner and warming up with some hot tea, which I knew was best for him. So, even though it was a weird night and it had it's negative moments, it was nice. I just decided that instead of freaking over our car not running, I was just going to do what I do, keep busy, sing praises to my Lord, and keep on.

Maybe this is all just a good reason to get a new vehicle, something we've been talking about for a few months. We know we want to have another baby, someday, and we figure we won't be able to squeeze three little ones into our tiny car. Maybe that's it.

And maybe God just needs us to look to Him. These times of uncertainty are the times His comfort seems the closest.

Who knows. I'm happy in The Lord, in spite of our icky situation. I realize it could be worse. I spent my evening in my warm home with my loud, healthy, and rambunctious kids. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop. I'm on my way to glory land.

As my mother in law says, this ain't nothin' but a thing.

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