Wednesday, November 20, 2013

God is still good

Our car is completely done. Finished. Dead. Gave up the ghost. However you wanna put it. The thing ain't workin. It won't even make the little noise when you try to run the security thing. 
And it's been rough few days. We've tried to buy used vehicles from two different car lots, only to be turned down because of our credit history. We have great credit, but were late on a few car payments like 3 or 4 years ago ... and it has stuck with us . :( How we just bought a house six months ago, I will never know. By the way it's looking though, I have a God who is always looking out for me and I am not the one in control.
There has been a lot of crying, arguing, and unhappiness in our normally peaceful home. Lastnight, I just couldn't take it anymore. I told my husband that I hated this horrible feeling that was hanging over our home like a dark cloud. I hated the tension. We decided to just start being thankful, because all of this could be a lot worse.
Our tears could be over a sick kid in the hospital. They're both healthy, recuperating from a nasty little cold as we speak.
Our tears could be over losing our home. We live in a nice home with heat.
Our tears could be over Joshua not having a job. He has one ... with tons of overtime.
Our tears could be from going hungry. Our cabinets are full.
Our tears could be because of being in devil's hell today. We're not. We are saved and on our way to Heaven!

And really, we have been provided for. Joshua's dad has given him a truck to use to drive back and forth to work and we have also had family coming to pick up the kids (or watch them when we have gone to car dealerships) when we go to church so we can all be there. God has provided. It might not be ideal, but we ARE NOT without. 

I don't know why we haven't been able to buy a car and just put this mess behind us, but I'm guessing that The Lord is looking out for us. No, in fact, I am trusting that He is looking out for us. He knows our needs and He knows the perfect way to work it out. And as we continue to pray and seek wisdom for solutions, I am trusting He will give us one.

I am thanking God because He has taken care of us in a million different ways. Just like we look out for our kids and steer them in the right direction to keep them from harm, He does the same for us. 

It's good to know the Shepherd. It's good to be His. It's good to be saved. :)

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