Sunday, November 3, 2013

Piano, wedding bells, and patience (oh man)

Well, after two months of not getting to play piano (ok I have an old school keyboard that takes batteries, but it gets the job done), I finally got back to it lastnight. I was a little sad thinking about how much I could have progressed in that bit of time, but also happy to know I hadn't forgotten anything! I'm still very much a beginner pianist, but I enjoy playing and learning. Each new song I learn is a little challenge (that sometimes tempts me to rip up my music and chuck it out of the window) and I always feel accomplished when I learn it. Sometimes I play a song (all of those have been by ear, something I'm also learning) at church and sing, but honestly it's just a hobby for me right now. It's a little something I need to prove to myself that I can do, since I was convinced for so long that playing an instrument was not going to happen for me! It's my little place in the world where I'm using my mind and challenging myself. Quite fun!

My little sister in law is getting married! Say what?! I've been her SIL for almost 5 years and it's weird to see how much she's changed and grown in that time. When I first met her, she was a cool little spunky gal who wore mismatched converse and now she's turned into a pretty lady. (She's always been pretty, but you don't have to tell her that. She's also been blessed with confidence!) I remember her first date with Logan (the future brother in law) and how when they left our house that night, my husband said, "she is going to marry him!" I'm so excited for her and cannot wait to see where God takes her and her future hubby in life!

Anddd ... I am just excited to see where God us taking our family in ministry! I get super excited sometimes and a little impatient (dear Lord please just gimme the green light so I can get goin!). However, I know I need to take this time of waiting to grow in my faith and just learn a little patience. Ah, patience. I don't have much of that and I think God knows it! (You don't know how many times I've prayed, "ah I'm tired of waiting!") Right now I know we are right where God wants us to be, but I know He's got more up His sleeve! And I need to be ready for whatever He gives us to do. So pray for us! :)

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