Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daddy is a hero

Sometimes throughout the day, my little girl will ask where Daddy is. The first time she asked, I wanted to have a clever and memorable way for her to remember what he does. He works for a printing factory, where he inspects books for quality. It is a very physically demanding and fast paced job. Some days he walks through the door limping because he worked so hard. The best way I could find to explain it was, "Daddy works on the books."
She thinks that's the neatest thing ever! And even though in the world's eyes a factory job might not be much, it is much to her because her Daddy does it. I always remember my mom talking about my dad as though he was a movie star (there really was a time I was convinced he was Patrick Swayze - you couldn't have told me differently) and thinking he was the coolest guy on earth. In fact, I felt sorry for other little girls who didn't have my dad. He will tell you he had his flaws as a dad, but to me, he was the best around. 
I want Constance to have the same perception of her Daddy. I want him to be her hero, to seem twenty feet tall, and to be the coolest man in the universe. 
Some days, and I cringe thinking about this, I have made the mistake of saying that Daddy is being a jerk or Daddy is getting on my nerves. Sure, it's just a few words and it doesn't seem to hurt anything. However, as the wife, I set the tone for the home. And if I think Daddy is a jerk, the kids are going to think it too. The Lord deals with me about the way I talk to my husband often and also how I make him sound to other people. 
TV shows where the wife constantly picks on the husband and treats him like a dumb idiot who can't discipline his kids or make any decisions just kills me. (Can't stand Everybody Loves Raymond or Good Luck Charlie ... Even though they can be funny shows!) It bothers me to no end when the kid fears the mom and her "mom powers", but has zero respect for Dad and laughs when he tries to have any authority. Yuck! Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed a few episodes of shows like these, but when this kind of stuff happens, I roll my eyes and change the channel!
I want Constance, Nathaniel, and any children we have in the future to see Daddy as their hero. I want them to see him as someone to respect, love, and cherish. Why? Because he deserves it. He needs to be the man that God intended for him to be and upheld as that in our home. 
So, even if my husband just works on the books, we still think he's pretty cool. We are thankful he gets out there every day for us and does his best to provide for our family. And I'm trying to make sure I keep my mouth shut when I want to express any frustration with him, because I think he deserves all of the respect in the world. 

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