Thursday, April 5, 2012

His name is Nathaniel Ray.

Its weird to put a name and gender to a baby I have been carrying for twenty weeks. All the sudden I imagine a hyper little boy with an attitude like his Dad and a love for the outdoors. Or maybe a boy more like his uncles who are a little more laidback. Maybe both. All I know is that I am having a baby boy. Constance will have a little brother; a Bubby. Joshua and I will have a son. I am so excited!

We still live in an apartment which means my two little ones will have to share a room. I am hoping that we will have a house by the time Nathaniel is born, but I am making plans as if we are staying here. I guess I will have on really girly side of the room and another side that will be all boy. I think Joshua would like it if I decorated it in fishing & car stuff. Haha! I guess I need to start looking at nursery decor to get ideas.

Constance is still sleeping in a crib, which means we REALLLY need to make a transition to the toddler bed. I know she's ready ... we just haven't gotten the bed yet. I am kinda nervous about this, as this means she will be able to get out of bed whenever she wants. I guess, as with everything that goes with parenting, we will learn as we go!

Constance is growing wonderfully! She talks all of the time and is always learning new words. She is in the 50th percentile for her height and weight. Her favorite show is Blues Clues, she loves milky, and she has to have her monkey in bed with her at bedtime. She hates it when I hold other babies, which gives me the indication that we will have a very jealous girl on our hands come August. However, I think she will be a GREAT big sister!

Pregnancy updates?
-My ultrasound last week said one again that Nate is a week ahead of what I actually calculated for my due date. But I still go with the original due date of August 22. I reached the halfway mark yesterday ... 20 weeks pregnant!
-I am up seven pounds.
-I get the feeling stretch marks are a comin! Could be wrong, but I've got teeny little red claw marks on my lower belly. Of course ... I think I am carrying this little guy even lower than I did C. So maybe that is playing a part in it?
-I had spotting last Friday and flipped out. I never spotted this much with C! It was over fairly quickly, but I was terrified of something going wrong.
-I have been taking it easy on the exercise, as I really have over exerted myself between that, running a home, chasing a toddler, and being very busy in ministry. I still plan to stick with it though!
-I feel Nate kick all of the time! He kicks most when I am either talking or when C lays on my belly.
-Maternity clothes are a must. A friend let me borrow some of hers so I've got some cute stuff! I loveeee being comfortable and feeling pretty at the same time.
-I often hear from most people that I don't look very pregnant ... unless I wear something that really shows it off. Yeah, I haven't heard that before. Ha ha!
-It would be really cool to have no meds this time around. We will see, we will see.
-I do plan to breastfeed again, although I get the feeling it will be quite the task considering how much busier we are this time around. But if working Mamas can do it, so can I!

I guess that's all!

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