Sunday, April 29, 2012


I really wish that I had more time for blogging. Even if it was just simply sharing my thoughts. Often times I am just too busy to get thoughts organized enough to sit down and do it. Maybe that's the Lord's way of saying I need to focus on the ministries He has given me to work in. That isn't to say I won't update on here, because I get the feeling it'd be easier if it was something He wanted me to do.

When I began blogging, I wanted to use this as a way to share my beliefs with others as a mom and wife. However, I was hiding behind my computer. I was terrified of telling people in person about the Lord and I definitely didn't like to share my beliefs. I have expressed on here before that I have wanted God to give me more boldness and He has.

It took me stepping outside of my comfort zone and letting go of my pride. Part of that was when I quit using a computer & quit blogging. I was forced to find an outlet somewhere other than here to share Him with ohters ... in person. Visitation. Handing out a tract sharing the Gospel just this last week & shaking in my little flip flops the whole time.

I think that's what He is wanting for me right now. Focusing on teaching my little girl the principles of His Word, honoring my husband, and getting my feet a little more wet in His service. Doing things in person and not having the luxury of a delete button or hiding behind my computer screen. Learning from those who have already been there ... who could write a blog themselves.

Maybe some day I will be able to blog again and share my thoughts, but I think I will be a little older before I do. In Titus, it says that the aged women are to teach the younger women. Maybe instead of blabbing my own thoughts & trying to teach through a blog, I need to spend some more time looking up to my elders and letting them teach me. (Bragging moment: You have no idea what kind of an influence the women in my life have made on me. They have been such an encouragement. They don't even know.)

This was a really random post ... I wanted to blog so I began to click away on my little phone. And I kind of feel like it is saying goodbye.

I really loved blogging, but it isn't what He wants for me. Maybe someday you'll hear from me again. Who knows.

I'm going to try and follow the Lord's leadership on that one.

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