Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You know, I hate it when I can't sleep. Pregnancy has been doing that to me. I have no problem getting to sleep at night, as I normally check out early. However, if I am awakened in the middle of the night, sleep is no longer my friend. My husband adjusted his hours for today so he could come to our ultrasound, so he went into work at 3am. As he kissed me goodbye before leaving, I began to sneeze (yeah, I have a cold too. Different rant!) and had to pee. Yikes. No more sleep for me.

So I played on Pinterest for the first time and realized this could become a serious addiction. I also read a bunch of pointless tweets on twitter. I checked outside every 30 minutes to make sure no one was breaking in. I was annoyed because our gun is currently kapput. Once I heard my neighbors downstairs slamming doors and running their shower at about 5am, I felt comforted enough to sleep.

Yeah, I hate it when my husband isn't there at night. I imagine every worst possible scenario. Our furnace kicks on and I think it's some creep that is breaking in. So I begin to play a scenario in my mind of how I am going to defend Constance and I with the mermaid knife Josh keeps under his mattress.

Ha ha. I watch too many action movies and my husband's zeal for the 2nd amendment has definitely rubbed off on me. I live in America, though. :)

I was also dealing with the fearful excitement of our first ultrasound that was today. After quite a bit of spotting and being convinced that my getting pregnant so fast was "too good to be true", I was anxious to say the least. I knew deep down that the Lord had things under control and that I had a comforter in Him if things did indeed go wrong. I have prayed and asked the Lord for His will, but nonetheless I didn't know what to expect. Early pregnancy is such a mystery ... especially if you're a freak like me who doesn't have hardly any symptoms to assure you that everything is okay.

So, after a night of Rocky II (Yo Adrian! We did it!) keeping me company and being paranoid, I made it to the doctor's office this afternoon. We waited, waited, waited, and waited. Finally ... we got to see our baby. 

Little Baby Miller (yes, there is only one after endless jokes about me having twins ha ha) is doing just fine. We saw the heartbeat, watched the baby chill (he/she did not want to move for anything!), and learned that the baby's growth is a week ahead of my original due date. However, I am still going to keep saying that I am due in late August instead of saying a specific day. :)

Pregnancy update?

I don't currently have a picture of my belly at the moment. It's no different than the last one I posted ... I am just very bloated from the four pieces of pizza I ate tonight. (Yikes. Oh well.) No morning sickness. No stretch marks. Fatigue is subsiding with exercise and good attitudes. Weight gain is a fluctuation between 1-3 pounds. I see the same doctor as I did with Constance and he is fantastic. And while all I want is a healthy baby, I think it'd be awesome to have a boy.

Names we've chosen?

I changed my mind from Rebecca Jane to Constance Elizabeth during my first pregnancy, so the same may happen here.

Nathanael or Nathaniel Ray (undecided on the spelling) We'd call him Nathan for short. This name means gift of God in the Bible. :)

Allison Lee (the middle name could change. I just figured I would love to pass on my middle name, which is also the middle name of most of my dad's family.)

Wow, this seemed more like 3 posts in one didn't it? Sorry. I never get to blog without having a computer, so I kind of have to do a blogging binge. 

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