Monday, January 30, 2012

Keep going ...

This past week has been life-changing for me. A man in our church and our pastor's father was in an accident which left him in a condition the doctors initially deemed "brain dead." I remember as the hours went on that day I would get texts saying ... "he moved his hand" or "he wiggled his feet." By the very next day, the man, who was still in critical condition, had come a long way from his original diagnosis. A little over a week later, he is talking and out of intensive care ... among some other miraculous improvements. He is still very weak especially considering his age, but he is nowhere near where he was.

My only explanation for this is that the Lord did it. People all over were praying and seeking the Lord's hand in all of this ... and He healed this man. He gave this man's family the faith to know that He was going to heal him and that He wasn't done yet.

This man's story has affected so many in the past week ... including myself. I, being a fairly new Christian, do not have the prayer life I should nor do I have the faith. This experience has shown me a little something about what God can do. It has given me faith to keep fighting the fight, keep running the race.

This past year has been one of trials and I only look to see more. It is heartbreaking and painful ... some days I just want to give up. I don't see an end. I don't see the point in all of it. Thankfully, because I am saved, I have a Comforter. And when the going gets tough ... He pushes me to keep going. There is an end. There is a point. It will be worth it after all.

This situation has greatly encouraged me to keep praying and keep fighting. It has encouraged me to pray more, something I definitely need. The Lord has shown me that the bell is gonna ring and the fight will be over. I don't know the bell is the sound of a trumpet or healing to life's situations. I just know God is in control of it.

He knows the end from the beginning.

I am glad my confidence isn't in doctors or people ... but in the sovereign King of kings who created the Earth.

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  1. What an awesome God we serve. In a world where we often place our faith and trust in people and technology, your story is a wonderfully, humbling reminder of Who is really behind it all. Blessing to you and your family.


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