Saturday, January 21, 2012

Testing it out

So, as I have said in many posts recently ... I currently do not have a computer. It can be kind of inconvenient at times NOT to have one, but it is also a blessing. Anywho ... I got a new android phone for Christmas. (Yahooooo! Haven't had a new phone since before Josh and I got married. Yikes.) And now I can post on this handy dandy blogger app. We will see how it works. I absolutely love blogging so using this would definitely be convenient in getting my thoughts out there. Even if only two or three people read em. I only blog for fun! :)

I'm doing well, by the way. My first prenatal appointment was Monday and it was fantastic. It was weird to see my doctor again, review my pregnancy with Constance, and get started on the to do and not to do list. However, it was neat to realize how much more calm I am about pregnancy and whatnot this time around. Our first ultrasound is on Tuesday, so I will definitely be posting pictures and giving details. We are sooo excited!

I guess that is all! :)

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