Friday, January 6, 2012

What's New!

I really apologize for not posting like ... at all in the past few months. I've probably already apologized in a previous post, I am sure. But hey, I don't have a computer anymore so it is very hard to keep up with. I'll try and continue posting when I can though.

So here we go ... another update post on me and some thoughts to go along with it. :)

I am pregnant ... again.
 After my Diet Coke tasting like Dr. Pepper and my salsa tasting like soap (NO CLUE if that was actually a pregnancy sign), I insisted on taking an early response test at 10DPO. (10 days past ovulation.) And we got a faint line. A week later, we took this test and it was a definite positive!
Little baby Miller #2 is expected to arrive in late August. I'm pretty shocked that I got pregnant so quickly, as it took about 6 months for us to conceive Constance. However, I am very excited and ready to add to our little family! I am a little over 8 weeks pregnant, which means I am still in the scary first trimester. You know, wondering whether or not I'll have morning sickness (it's been very mild thankfully), being constantly tired, feeling bloated and enjoying fat pants, and checking every time I go to the bathroom to see if I am bleeding. Yup, I am ready for this trimester to be over and thankfully it's going by quickly!!! My first doctor's appointment is on the 16th, so hopefully then I can either hear the heartbeat or schedule an ultrasound to see it. My doctor waited a while to listen for it with Constance so I doubt we'll be able to hear it, but I am still excited to get things going!
8 weeks pregnant. Bloated, no bump ... but like I said, I am enjoying the fat pants.

We produced/directed our first Christmas play this year.
I don't wanna pat myself on the back here, because I am going to say right now that it was the Lord that made it all possible. Our pastor asked us to write and put together a Christmas play this year ... which ended up being a much bigger task than we had anticipated. It was a learning experience, for sure. Joshua has never been in a real leadership position in the church so it was neat to watch him learn how to deal with things. I also had to learn to respect his leadership for the play although I am his wife and of course ... I feel like I am entitled to more opinions than other people because of that. It was hard to sacrifice time with my husband; he was at church all of the time working on props or we were at play practice. It definitely tested me and challenged me to give up a little bit of comfort for the Lord's sake. (And I wasn't always great at it. Actually, I threw quite a few fits about it. I wont lie. I am that spoiled by my time with Joshua.) All in all, it was a great stepping stone for us and we learned so much. I am excited to see where the Lord is going to take us and what His will is for our family!

I have been married almost three years.
I decided that I like Rocky movies when I realized that Rocky & Adrian's wedding was like ours. Simple, not a lot of people, and Rocky was ... himself! Ha ha. I pretty much fell in love with the entire story anyway, but I absolutely loved that little detail. I used to have a hard time with the fact that we didn't have a big lavish wedding ... but I have become proud of the way we've done it. This is especially considering we didn't put all of the emphasis on the day ... we've put it on our lives together. And although three years wont sound like much to someone who has been married for 50, I am proud of it! We've come so far and seen so many wonderful things. By the way, I have the best.husband.ever. Loving me when I have a bad attitude, cooking for me when I am tired even though he's tired, holding my hair while I puke during our awful bout with the plague ... yup, I am convinced he is the absolute best.
 I think we had something like 15 guests at our wedding, if that. Some people like em big and that's cool! Maybe if I had gotten married at the age I am now, I would have done the same. But this was just right for us & I am proud of that.

Constance is almost 16 months old.
Where has the time gone?! Better yet, where has my baby gone? She is so big. Walking, talking, loving on baby dolls, giving kisses ... that doesn't even do her little personality justice. I love this little girl so much! I can't wait to see her become a big sister and just grow into a little lady. There are so many wonderful things to teach her and show her. But I am telling you ... she already knows what's up! She is a good Mommy to her baby dolls, she gets into Aunt Caitlin's make up and pretends she's putting on her own, she knows how to talk on the phone, and she wiggles her toes after getting her toenails painted. Toooo cute!

What happened to my sweet little 8 pound 1 oz. baby?!

I've been saved for two years.
I don't believe any amount of time could make me feel like I am truly "spiritually mature." I have my arrogant moments where I think I know everything, only to experience a moment when I realize I know so little. The Lord is working in my life and teaching me so many things ... I am nowhere near the person He wants me to be. However, I am trying. I am thankful that even though I often fail, I am still saved. I don't ever have to worry about my salvation being lost ... because for eternity I will be His. I am also thankful for the freedom found in being the person He wants to be. I was once bound by the lies that the world feeds about women and the way things are supposed to be. I was insecure and terrified. But now I know who He wants me to be and it is liberating! It's amazing how something I used to think was so oppressive has set me free. Glory to God!

We got the plague on our Christmas weekend.
Okay, it wasn't really the plague. I caught the stomach virus from my sister in law which meant we were sick on Christmas. It reallllly stunk, because I didn't really have the energy to do all of the fun things we normally do. I know Constance doesn't really mind ... she got all kinds of cool toys and a giant stuffed dog that she absolutely loves. I just really feel like I missed Christmas. However, I did puke ... and if you know me, you'll know I have an intense fear of puking. Maybe I'll blog more on that someday. (Not the details of puking, but the fear.) Needless to say, I lived through it and had an awesome husband coaching me through it. I mean, you would've thought I was running a marathon or giving birth. He is too great.


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