Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where I've been!

I haven't posted in quite a while! It's been a little crazy around here! Joshua injured his back and his doctor took him off work last week and this week, so I have been picking up a little extra work to make ends meet. Strangely enough, I had already decided to do some work helping my mom (she's a paralegal) for some extra money before this even happened. Must have been God working things out in advance! It looks like we'll be able to get through these two weeks without pay and do pretty good. I've just got to bust my tail!

I think the Lord might be allowing us to experience this so we can appreciate each other more. Joshua has been down and hasn't done a lot since he's been off ... and I have been the one working. Thankfully the work I am doing allows me to be at home and make my own hours, but it is still an adjustment. It's definitely a challenge, but we're getting through.

And when I say challenges, I am not joking. It hasn't been an entirely easy couple of days.
There has been a lot of ...
  • Exhaustion. I never knew sitting at a computer researching medical terms could be so draining! I figured it'd be an easy job, but I am so used to being up cleaning or taking care of Constance. It definitely took a lot out of me. I went to bed at 9:30 lastnight and that hasn't happened since before Constance was born!
  • Missing my regular housework. I can't tell you just how much taking care of our home is my bread and butter. I love it. Yesterday I got to deep clean our kitchen and it felt so good. This past week of working so much has definitely made me appreciate being able to be at home and take care of our family, although it can sometimes get boring.
  • Arguing. Yes, arguing! I'm not used to Joshua being home so much! We normally don't argue about stupid stuff, but you can guarantee that this past week we have argued about so many dumb things. It's gotten better with prayer and a lot of apologies, but that was really tough at first.
  • Feeling fat. I can't explain how fat I feel when I sit behind a computer for hours on end.
  • Missing my sweet Constance. I didn't realize just how much time we do get together until I started working. And I even work at home!
  • A need for Jesus. We haven't been spending nearly as much time reading our Bibles and praying like we used to. I think that has definitely left us feeling discontent and disorganized in our lives - which is probably what has caused a lot of the arguing. We've decided to get back to the old stuff and start looking to Him more!
Thankfully the work will dwindle once Joshua goes back to work next week (or this week if he ends up feeling better) and I will only be doing 10 hours a week instead of 40. I'm excited about that!

Keep Joshua's back in your prayers though. The doctor diagnosed him with severe muscle spasms and thankfully everything is improving. Joshua's job, however, is very physical and he is prone to injury because of the constant bending, twisting, and lifting. I know God has Joshua at this job for a reason, although sometimes we wish he had another, so we need prayers for God's protection. :)

I'll be writing more soon! I have missed blogging soo much!

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