Friday, June 10, 2011

A short break :)

Right now I am taking a little break from working. Our computer is pretty much a dinosaur, so I go up to our local library and hang out on their computers while I do work for my mom. Constance goes to her Grandma's and I just get time to myself. It's pretty nice. I typically just do whatever it is my mom needs me to do and youtube gospel music to listen to.

When it comes to the real job I have, I feel like a wreck! I know this whole post might be a little repetitive to the last one ... but I really miss seeing Constance as much as I was. I mean, I spend most of the day with her, but being away to do this work is hard for me. I can't be as attentive to her needs. I am thankful for Josh's parents and my awesome sister in law (well really, she's simply a sister; we've upgraded) who are willing to help and take care of us. I just want to be with Constance! I also feel like a mess at home. The laundry is piling, the cloth diapers are beginning to smell (okay I put them in the wash this morning), I haven't really had a chance to deep clean, and things just feel chaotic.

I just realized that might sound like Joshua isn't helping. He is! He is helping with Constance, folding laundry when I need it, straightening up, cooking (he's a fantastic cook) ... but it's just not the same. I feel so out of control when I am not the one doing all of that.

End of whine session.

Thankfully Joshua's back is feeling much better and he'll be returning to work next week. I'll still need to work extra next week, but after that it's down to 10 hours a week. Hopefully that way I can stay on top of the house and spend a lot more time with Constance. I don't mind having a work at home job and helping out, but I definitely do not want it to interfere with what I do at home. I love being a stay at home wife and mom too much and it is totally my heart's desire.

I realize I haven't posted any pictures of Constance on here in a long while. I've got pictures of a zoo trip we went on, her STANDING UP and playing at her exersaucer and the edge of the couch, and other cute little things. I promise to post them before she starts kindergarten and I am incredibly behind.

Buuuut ... thankfully I do have family that posts cute pictures of her on Facebook! So I'll steal some from them so you can get a little glimpse as to what our sweetpea is up to these days. :))

Gettin' a look at her cousin Erika who was taking the picture!

Her first taste of gum with Aunt Cindy! Thankfully it wasn't too much of a pain to get that stuff off of her face.
Here is a video of her first taste of gum as well:

First Easter! (Told you I was behind!) She and Cooper(left) wore the same dress! Her face here cracks me up. 

At a friend's birthday party in April! She was snuggled up on her Uncle Dale trying to get warm.
Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! :)

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