Friday, May 20, 2011

Being honest.

I feel like my blog has been lifeless lately. I sit down to write and I can't come up with anything. Having a topic on babies is guaranteed, as my little one is constantly growing and doing something I can chat about. Other things? I guess I just feel like a boring person these days.

I mean, I'll write about a topic that I find interesting ... but I can't seem to gather my thoughts.

I also think I put myself under pressure by reading other blogs. I see these snazzy blogs with awesome stories and pictures ... and I feel so silly in comparison. But most everybody just writes about what they know. Some are better writers than others and some may have nicer cameras. But we're just doing what we do.

I guess I just need to stop comparing myself and get back to why I started blogging in the first place.

Because I felt like it.

So my thoughts at this very second?
  • I hate Aunt Flo. Her visits are closer together before my PG days and it's quite the inconvenience. But at least I am not pregnant.
  • I am excited to begin weaning Constance. I love breastfeeding, I really do! & I am so glad that we've made it this far. However, I am ready to move on. I plan to continue until she's a year old and we'll be switching her over to whole milk. Nursing still wins when I think about cleaning bottles. Ick!
  • I need to start cooking more. I have a hard time getting motivated to cook. I used to every night, but it's been harder for me to enjoy it. My husband does a lot of the cooking these days, which he does enjoy. I just like being the one to cook. I've done pretty good about getting a routine down with regular housework; the same will have to be done with cooking.
  • I don't think our President reads his Bible very often. Not seeking any arguments here ... just kind of ranting about the Israel-Palistine pre-1967 borders stuff.
  • I like sitting in church alone with my husband. I had forgotten how much I loved it until we put Constance in the nursery for the first time. It was intimate.
  • I'm really sad that I have overdue fees at the libary. This means I have to go without episodes of the Waltons until I pay it in full. =/ I don't really sit around and watch the Waltons all day or anything ... it's more like a nighttime thing for us.
  • My SIL gave me some cute high heels yesterday and I feel like I've won a million bucks. I love new shoes; even if they're used.
  • Sometimes I get a feeling in my lower abdomen similar to what it felt like when Constance would ball up when I was pregnant with her. Or gas that feels like a baby kicking. I get myself convinced that I will end up on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Oh, anxiety!
  • Speaking of anxiety, I have a new fear for tornadoes. I used to think they were so cool looking, but when we had 2+ warnings in one week ... it freaked my nerves a little. It also doesn't help that I read tornado stories online. I'm such a geek.
  • I found baby sunhats while digging out Constance's new age group of clothes. Can't wait to put one on her ... tomorrow?!
  • I don't know much about this rapturesupposedtobehappeningonsuchandsuchday junk ... but it's pretty stupid. I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, yes. I believe that Jesus is coming soon. Tomorrow? Possibly. But no one can say for sure and it's dumb that people even try to. The Bible says no man knows the day or the hour, just sayin. So you just need to know now where you're going so you'll be ready. :)
Those are all of my thoughts for today. Maybe lately I've just been trying to be positive or write something profound instead of just being honest. Oh well; here's a little honesty to make up for all of that.

Happy day. :)

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  1. I feel the same way about writing sometimes and feel like I don't have anything interesting to say. But, like you, I have to remember I'm doing this for me. Sure it's nice to have followers and I love it when people read my stuff, but I have to learn to be ok if they don't!

    And you came up with a great post too. I like seeing what people are up to.

    I like reading baby stories b/c I know I talk about my little one. And I have library fines too. :(


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