Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Blues

This morning was interesting, to say the least.

Monday mornings are difficult for me sometimes. I do luckily have that super peppy Monday on occasion, where I am ready to attack the day and whatever it holds. But sometimes I have to fight off the Monday blues instead.

Amy's edition of the Monday blues? Awful mood, totally wishing my husband didn't have to work, annoyed by everything, wanting to avoid housework at all costs, and being attacked with stupid stuff from every direction (or so it seems).

This morning there was an added tearfest thanks to Aunt Flo and her dear hormones.

It might kinda sound silly that I get that way. However, I figure if I can get over that initial hump of the Monday blues, I can get through the rest of the week. I clean my house, go for a walk, read my Bible, and do things that motivate me. I look at my little girl and remember why I am a stay at home mom/wife. It takes some motivation and some getting off of my rear end, but I do it.

Being a stay at home wife and mom is a pretty tough job. I mean, if you looked at how small our apartment is, you'd realize that I don't have as much housework as a woman with an actual house with more rooms. Or a woman with more kids. My time for that is coming, I know it! However, I definitely still think I have my work cut out for me. I have to push and motivate myself in a place where I have no real rules. I do it all my own way. While all of that is definitely freedom, it is still very challenging for me.

The great part is? I do enjoy it. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I finish my work and look around to see that I overcame a wrecked house or a case of the Monday blues. I enjoy taking pride in our home and making it beautiful. I enjoy the pride my husband has in what I do for him and our daughter. I enjoy the opportunity God has given me to be at home, despite the fact that logically our finances don't cover it. (Seriously, God has really worked it out time after time and we really don't always understand how! He's awesome!)

I know that I'll have more issues with the Monday blues. I know I may even have the blues on a Tuesday or a Thursday. But I keep going and once I do what needs to be done, I remember why I chose this life in the first place. :)

My little love wearing her fishing hat and her little sidekick Monkey. :)
Oh and to update on sleep ... Monkey does typically go to bed with her now, but she is still getting up a lot. Now for more troubleshooting! Aaah.

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  1. I totally agree, it is just down right hard sometimes and Monday often seems to be the hardest. :-) For me the weekends are a break from the routine, an escape so to speak and then Monday, time to face it all again. Hope you have a blessed week!


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