Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Constance,

You are almost seven months old! I absolutely love your little personality and the way you always seem to steal everyone's heart. The fact that you were distracting Bro. Jaime while he was giving the Sunday School lesson (you were nodding your head in agreement with everything he said!) just cracks me up.

You wont remember being seven months old, but I know I'll certainly remember these days.

You absolutely love baby food and will eat just about anything. You've tried pears, applesauce, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and also your baby oatmeal! You absolutely can't stand peaches and just the scent makes you grimace. Icky!

You have two bottom teeth that you love to show off with your big toothy grins! Daddy and I love your big smiles! They just make our day.

You love to jam on your exersaucer! You play your little piano and dance. It's so cute. And when you get bored with it ... you just fall asleep sucking on your arm!

Tummy time is no longer an issue for you! I remember when you used to scream and cry when we'd lay you on your tummy. Now you just move in circles and backwards ... pretty soon you'll be crawling! I am always a little shocked to lay you in one position and five minutes later you're in another!
You absolutely love the camera or any sort of attention. :)

Daddy is also really excited to take you fishing now that the weather is warmer! You wont be able to cast your own fishing rod yet ... so Mommy will do it for you and hopefully catch a lot of bluegill!

You love to play with the baby in the mirror. :) You haven't quite figured out that this baby is you ... but it's so adorable anyway!

Bro. Billy, our youth pastor at church, calls you pretty eyes! & He is so right!

Other things about you these days:
  • You haven't been to the doctor yet, but since you were about 16.9 at your six month checkup ... I am going to guess you are at either 18 or 19 pounds now! You're growing fast!
  • The doctor also said you were at 27 inches. Tall girl!
  • We brush your teeth every night before bed and it gets on your nerves.
  • You love taking showers with me, although you hold onto me really tight and it's so sweet!
  • The only way to keep you quiet during church is to get your cell phone out and let you play with it! We pretend your texting Auntie Caity!
  • You're learning to say da-da-da-da-da!
  • You love to dance to the theme song from Saved by the Bell.
  • You still haven't decided if you like apple juice or not.
  • You're sleeping mostly through the night ... although after being sick it has thrown you off a little so you wake up two times a night instead of one.
  • You can stand up for a few seconds holding onto something. So cute!
Constance, you are very loved. & We are so proud of how much you're growing! Daddy and I love you very much! :)


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  1. Amy and Josh, It's been a pleasure reading about your love for one another and beautiful Constance. It's especially been nice to know that in the middle of all of this is a constant love of the Lord. Amy you are a beautiful Mother and a beautiful person. It is easy to see why Constance is so happy all the time and she is truly a beautiful child. Love to all of you. Denise.


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