Monday, April 11, 2011

Date night

Thursday evening my husband and I randomly decided to have a little date night. I looked in our freezer earlier that day and saw that my freezer stash (breastmilk) was larger than I had thought ... so off to Grandma's our little Constance went! We didn't really do anything spectacular. I just wanted to go out and run errands together like we used to; without a kiddo.

So we got new tires. We went shopping for a few little grocery items needed around the house (money is tight this month). And we came home and cooked dinner just the two of us. We haven't done that since she was born.

It brought back so many great memories. Cooking together, talking about whatever we could think of, listening to awesome music, and it just being us. We didn't even cook a crazy meal, but it was so special. We sure missed our little girl, but it made me realize just how much I miss my husband.

We then went for a walk all over town for probably an hour. (We're not hard to entertain, can you tell? ha ha) We used to do that all of the time before she came. Walks all over town where Joshua would tell me his childhood stories about this and that place. We'd talk about how someday we'd have a little stroller to push in front of us and just how badly we wanted children of our own. We still go for walks even with Constance, but it was so sweet just being us.

Having a baby moves things around a lot when it comes to marriage. Before Constance came, it seemed that we had all of the time in the world for each other. It wasn't hard to pay good attention to one another. And now we have a baby to think of, bills, family issues, and whatever else seems to come our way. We love our life and our little girl; I know we wouldn't change it for the world. However, it's easy to forget one another when we find ourselves working through everything else in life.

My husband recently told someone that marriage is a fight and I do believe he is right. (Bonus for rhyming!)Marriage can't just be kept together with a beautiful wedding and sweet words. It can't be built on dreams or wishful thinking. (We learned that real fast!) It takes work and rearranging. It takes sacrifice and letting go of our prideful flesh. & Ultimately, sticking with God and His Word is the glue that keeps it all together. An old friend told me that while we were engaged and I had no idea just how right they were or what they really even meant.

Our little date the other night helped me to see just how important that fight is. Despite everything that goes on in our lives, we've got to keep it alive and keep falling in love over and over again. I don't want to be that couple that notices each other for the first time when Constance goes off to college ... you know?

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  1. I know this is something I need to work on... A is almost 11 months old and I can count the number of hours Matt and I have spent alone on one hand! It is so hard to leave my little man, but I know my husband is so important too, so I need to make time. Glad you guys had fun!


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