Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love to tell the story!

As I was going for my walk this morning, a nice older lady stepped outside of her door and said she'd like to ask me a question. I knew who she was. She had come to our church a few times before and commented on how cute Constance is. I turned my stroller around and headed her direction, because I knew what she was going to ask.

"Are you a Christian?"

Without pause or doubt I replied, "Yes I am."

She looked relieved as she said, "Praise the Lord!"

She then realized who I was and asked how the baby was doing. We continued on some small talk and told each other to have a good day. For the rest of my walk, my heart bubbled over with joy.

Joshua had told me about this same woman who had asked him a few years ago the same question. I told my friends on facebook about her and the ones who live around here said they knew her as well. If only I could have such sweet boldness and the confidence to utter those words. Such a desire to make sure that people know Jesus that people all over town know me as "that woman" who asks the most important question.

Are you a Christian?

I think that woman was looking for me today, as I normally walk through here quite often. She was still in her pajamas and had stepped outside of her door just to speak with me. Maybe God sent her my way to bless me.

I am thankful that she asked me that question. I already knew that I was saved ... I've been saved since January 3, 2010. (And it only happens to ya once and forever!) However, it feels so good to tell someone. I mean, I tell my family and friends. I post it on here quite frequently. But to tell someone I barely know ... that feels good. My heart just explodes with joy over the fact that I am His and that I can share it with someone.

Has it been a while since you shared your testimony? Tell someone that you know Jesus!

And if you're not sure, you can be. :) Be sure to check out my About His Grace page!

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  1. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. Your blog caught my eye this morning because I posted an article on Katherine Hankey's fine gospel song. But I greatly enjoyed your personal comments.

    I have lived over 70 years now. And it all that time, only two people ever asked me if I was a Christian. Now, maybe it was because many knew me well, and assumed. But I do think that's rather sad. Only two.

    There is a needed caution, though, in asking such a question. So many are vague about what it means to be a Christian. Perhaps they assume that living in a "Christian" country they must be. It seems to require a follow-up question. And what does being a Christian mean to you? Or perhaps, When (or how) did you become a Christian? God bless.


Thanks for reading my post! & God bless! :)