Friday, March 25, 2011

I got in a fight with my stroller.

Sometimes it amazes me how much we can be like our parents.

I mean, I used to crack up when Dad would get frustrated and start muttering swear words under his breath. *stupid stupid stupid!*

I had a ... wow, I am just like Dad ... moment the other day. We have an Evenflo stroller and it has some special button you've got to press to open it. You can't pry the stroller open, because it's locked. I don't have much practice with our stroller, because with cold weather I haven't had much use for it. (And when we have used it, Joshua was the one to open it ... so easy for him!) Well, I have the weakest hands ever and squeezing the stupid button wouldn't open the stroller. I'd squeeze that stupid thing with all my might and it still wouldn't open. Everyone else in the stinkin' world could open it except me. It's called a Comfort Fold stroller. Really?! Comfort?!!

So, I started slamming the thing and yelling at it. I mean, I never yell at people and I've never even been in a fight. But there I was in my kitchen yelling at a stroller and threatening to kill it. I wonder if the neighbors heard me? Sorry!

And that's how we do. My dad and I are both pretty chill people ... you'd never imagine us flipping out like that. Buuut, I remember an occasion or two when he'd share words with an object that .. uhhh ... wouldn't talk back.

Oh well. Persistence is key. After having it out with the so called comfort fold stroller, I got it open.

And I walked off my anger (yes, for some reason I was seriously still worked up over the stupid stroller ha ha) around town and enjoyed the nice weather. My funny girl enjoyed the walk too. :)

That's what she does when she laughs at me.
 "Mom, you're crazy."

And yes, I understand that most anyone that reads this would have no problem opening that stupid stroller.


  1. Funny stuff Amy! I can so relate! Don't feel bad or weak - I am convinced it's like some sort of pay back that manufacturers make kid gear nearly impossible to deal with! You are not alone!! :)

  2. My dad would mutter 'Good grief'...I find that to be my go to phrase when I get upset as well!


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