Sunday, March 27, 2011

They did not take His life away, He gave it to me

Joshua has an old youth choir CD that a friend gave to him a long time ago & there is a song on there that has really blessed me. So, as I do with everything, I googled the lyrics. :) I couldn't find the writer of this song, so to avoid trouble, know that I didn't write it!

He Gave It To Me

I've received His mercy though I'm undeserving.
Good deeds that I have done can't justify
Why I receive His grace.
Why He should take my place
And for the wrongs that I have done, why He should die.

And as a vessel for His truth, I'm so unworthy.
My tongue cannot proclaim His holiness.
Lord a stronger one that I should stand to testify
But all I do for you, I'll do my best.

They didn't take me to a place called Calvary's mountain.
They didn't take my hands and nail them to a tree.
They didn't take one drop of blood.
It had already been done.
And it didn't take me long till I could see
That they did not take His life away.
He gave it to me.

And I wonder, did He know that I'd be searching
For some meaning to fill the emptiness inside?
My life is just the span of an unimportant man.
But perhaps He thought of me before He died.

Repeat Chorus
They did not take His life away.
He gave it to me.
He gave it to me.

And with that said, I just want to thank God for saving me despite the fact that I am totally unworthy. I thought I was such a good person before I got saved, but I was nothing without Him. The moment that I received Him, my eyes were opened and my perspective on the world around me totally changed. I'm nowhere near perfect, but I know that I am definitely not the same. & It's all because of Him. I'm not ever gonna get over that! :)


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