Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Follow Me, Chickadee Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully today I'll have time to look at some new blogs. Even so, if you're stopping by, be sure to say hi! I'd love to check out your blog and follow you! :)

Sippy Cup Mom

I haven't posted in a few days!!! Life sure has been busy around here. Tonight Constance tried her first bite of peaches (Gerber) ... and her reaction was so funny! She ate them, but let's just say she didn't take to it as well as she did the oatmeal. But hey, at least she ate 'em! I'll be posting a cute video that we got of it as soon as I get a chance!
Well, I hope everyone's Tuesday is wonderful! :) Happy hopping!


  1. LOL, can't wait to see it. I remember those reactions from my children and grandchildren. :)

  2. Happy Tuesday! Can't wait to see the video!

  3. Hi! I am now following your blog, too! My 7 month old still doesn't like the taste of babyfood, so I just quit trying to feed him for a while! My other 3 always loved it, so it's kind of funny seeing him NOT open his mouth, turn his head away, and put his hands in front of his face like he's saying, "No, Mama, No!"

  4. Hey there. Too long since I popped in to say hi. Sending some bloggy love your way! Thank you so much for your well wishes. BIG hugs to you xxx


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