Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick day for my baby :(

I've got a sick little girl laying on my chest at the moment and I feel so awful for her. Yesterday was her first time getting a fever (since she was in the hospital after birth, that is) and I was pretty freaked out! Unfortunately, her pediatrician closed at noon yesterday and Josh's doctor's office had no open appointments. (She's not a patient there, but I figured I'd try.) So we headed to an immediate care center a few towns over.

On the way to the immediate care center. :(

Thankfully there weren't many other people there, so we didn't have to wait a super long time. It turns out she has an upper respiratory infection. :( They reccomended lots of rest and tylenol to bring the fever down. My poor girl. I wish they could've just made it all go away for her, but I guess that'll have to do it.

Oh and guess what? Constance is such an attention lover, even when she is sick and miserable! While she was being examined, she kept smiling and cooing at the doctor and nurses (especially the male nurse!). She's a goof!

Keep my sweet baby Constance in your prayers that she would continue to get better! She slept all night lastnight and woke up with no fever or cough, but a fever just showed up about an hour ago. So here I am camped out on the couch and holding my little sweetpea. :(

Happy Thursday all!

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  1. So sorry for your sweetie!! I am praying for all your family!!

    I am glad I found your blog through Blog Hop Thursday. You can visit us at

    Have a great day

  2. new follower - your baby girl is adorable!

    I hope she is fee;ing better. It is never fun to ahve sick kids! We worry so much about them & just wnat to make it all go away!

    I have had sick kids for 2 weeks (back to back) and can't wiat for them to just be better again! I hate seeing them sick!


  3. But she's so cute!!!

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  4. It's so sad when babies are sick! I hope she gets better and I will pray for her. (I'm not just saying that either. If I say I will pray for somebody I do.) She is a beautiful baby girl!!


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