Saturday, December 4, 2010

Potato candy

I know, potato and candy definitely do not go together! That is exactly what I said at my first Christmas baking with my mother in law and sisters in law last year. However, I had heard my husband rave about it and I figured I'd give it a try. I fell in love! It's absolutely perfect, sweet, and rich. Oh and it does not have a hint of potato! We have now adopted this as our own Christmas tradition and if you're into making candies, this is perfect. It's very easy to make and it does not require a lot of ingredients. I also enjoy making it as well! So, I introduce ...

Potato Candy

Ingredients:1 potato (even if you have a big family, all you need is one - magically it multiplies)
A bag of powdered sugar (you may not use the entire bag, but it's good to have as much as you'll need)
A LOT of peanut butter
Wax paper

Peel the potato, dice into small chunks, and place into boiling water. Allow the potato chunks to boil until soft. (I normally check this by seeing if the potato falls apart when I stick it with a fork.)

Strain potato chunks and pour into bowl. Begin adding powdered sugar. You'll notice that the texture of the potato will completely change, turning to a liquid, and eventually thickening. It should be so thick that it'll be hard to stir.

Spread the thickened mixture onto the wax paper. Once laid out, coat the top of the mixture with peanut butter spread.

After the peanut butter is spread, roll the candy and cut into small pieces.
Put candy in the fridge for about 20 minutes or until it is more firm.
We already ate two pieces before I took this picture! Couldn't help! It's just that good.
And to end the evening with the perfectly funny picture of my sweet girl ...


  1. Wow, that sounds really interesting! I'll have to try that and not tell Heath what it is beforehand! ;-)

    <3 that pic of CeCe, had to show Heath! She's so adorable!

  2. I can't wait to make it. I love the picture!!!! She looks so sweet!

  3. Thanks! It really is good candy. I ate a couple of pieces lastnight ... probably shouldn't have, but it was too yummy to put down. :)


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