Monday, December 6, 2010

Two months and one week. :)

I haven't done a good update on Constance in a while! I feel like she is growing so quickly right before our eyes. So, here's a little list of things going on with her!

  • Her new favorite toy is a little sun with a smiley face on it that came with her play gym. She loves to stare at that for a while and babble with it!
  • She weighs over 12 pounds.
  • She's also very long! Maybe she inherited her Grandpa Joe's height and will play basketball? Ha.
  • She also has a little giggle now, which is awesome.
  • The longest she has slept through the night was last week when she slept 6 hours! Mama loved that!
  • She had cradle cap for about a week, but her Daddy remedied that during bath times by using baby oil in her hair. Went away within just a few days!
  • Her first tree trimming at Grandma Jeannie & Grandpa Joe's house was a couple of weeks ago. She has her own first ornament and stocking! This girl is gonna be so spoiled.
  • Christmas shopping begins this week when Josh gets his bonus from work and the first thing on my list is: a noisemaker! She loves music.
  • Speaking of music, she loves to play on her gym with Frank Sinatra playing. Those little legs get to kicking and wiggling - she absolutely loves it!
  • Her first Gospel singers to see live were Mark & Andrea Forester! I laid her down next to me in the pew and she just kicked those legs!
  • She still refuses a bottle, but I don't really care anymore!
  • Her first Christmas baking with Mommy was last week. We baked sugar cookies! Yum yum.
  • She is just about ready to roll over! She sticks that hip up in the air and I just know that any time now it's gonna happen! I just wish she didn't hate tummy time so much.
  • She loves baths! Her Daddy gives her one every night as a part of her bedtime routine and she plays! Lastnight she had a star shaped scrubby in between her hands and was sucking on it! Ha ha. (Yes, she works up quite an appetite during bathtime.)
  • I'm definitely going to invest in some Baby Einstein videos - she was totally mesmerized by one I turned on the other day.

Happy Monday all. :)

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