Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving :) (oh, and it's Monday)

Our Thanksgiving break went by much too quickly! However, we really enjoyed ourselves. We headed out Wednesday evening to Carrier Mills, IL, where my dad grew up and where the majority of his family still lives. My Grandma Peggy's house has always been one of the best I've ever seen. She has amazing decorating style and her bed-making skills rule. Every time I visit her home, I feel inspired to make my home even more cozy and beautiful.
It was weird to be there without my PaPa Larry, who passed away this past April. However, it also brought back a lot of memories I had thought I lost. It was very nice to think about him and all of the time I spent with him while visiting as a kid.
Thanksgiving dinner was spent at my Aunt Tracy & Uncle Steve's home, where I probably spent even more time as a kid. Their home looks nothing like it did when I was younger, as they've pretty much ripped it up and put it back together again. It's absolutely beautiful, though. Yes, I am getting a little house happy. I can't wait for the day that God blesses us with a house of our own. The food was amazing, along with some desserts I probably indulged in a bit much. I also enjoyed seeing family that I don't get to see very often.
Oh & I can't forget, everyone was smitten with Constance! They all say she looks like her Daddy, which is no surprise. She also got to bond quite a bit with her Great Grandma, which was special for me. :)
We left Friday afternoon and at that point, I had wished we made plans to stay longer. The time we spent there just went by way too fast. Josh and I have decided to get our butts back up there as soon as possible!
Saturday evening was Constance's first tree trimming at my inlaw's home. It's a tradition in the Miller family for each of the kids to have an ornament for every year, so Constance got her own ornament as well. I was very excited for her to partake in something that has been so special for her Daddy and Grandparents for so long! It was also very neat to realize that this is the second Christmas I will be spending with my inlaws, who I love very much. & Our family just keeps growin'.
Today is Monday, so I am kind of sad that the Thanksgiving break has ended and Josh is back to work. Honestly, any Monday is hard because I savour my time with Josh so much now. He's a good man, though. & He works hard to provide for us, even though his job isn't necessarily the one people dream of having. So even though his leaving for work is always a bummer, I also appreciate how much he loves us by doing all that he does. He deserves the best. :)

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