Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rainy day

It's an awfully weird time of year to be having a storm like the one that is coming through today, but nevertheless I plan to enjoy it. Well, that's as long as we don't have tornadoes, which they are also predicting. I love rainy days. I like to light a bunch of candles, watch sappy movies, and maybe even paint my toenails. It's going to be a good day. The evening will be quite nice as well. We're going to go to Josh's physical therapy (which isn't necessarily fun, but at least it's not overtime), cook a nice dinner, and carve Constance's first pumpkin. I'm pretty excited about it!
Today Constance is five weeks old! I can hardly believe it! I am always thinking about life when I was pregnant and how excited we were to get her here. It's a lovely realization to have that she is finally here and healthy.
A few little updates on her:
  • She is already at a whopping 10 pounds! I was a little worried about such quick weight gain at first, but after a little research I've figured out I have breastmilk oversupply! I freaked out a little bit about this at first, but now I'm just doing what I can to correct it and trust God that He'll turn things around.
  • She loves baths, which her Daddy always gives her before bed. It's so sweet to watch her eyes while he's bathing her - it's like she's thinking I trust you Daddy.
  • Her nickname from PaPa Jeff is Candy. I thought that was super cute.
  • Her wake up time every morning is around 4:30-5:00am, which means that's when I get up for the day. Yuck! But at least it's a good motivation to get up and get started with my day.
  • She smiles randomly and I cannot wait until they are responsive smiles!
  • I think she looks a lot like Joshua.
  • She loves her bouncer and it's the perfect place for a fussy girl!
  • She also loves it when I sing old hymns. Puts her right to sleep normally.
  • We pray with her every night; it's not too early to start planting that seed!
  • She's starting to outgrow her newborn clothes. :( I totally almost cried when I realized this, although I am happy she is growing like a weed!
When it comes to Josh and I, nothing is really new. Josh does have an arm injury in his left arm, which he already had severe nerve damage, tendonitis, and carpel tunnel in. This time it is the tendon connected to his thumb, which causes a creepy creaking noise in his arm. It's kind of gross! But the doctor gave him a brace to wear, he has to do physical therapy 3 times a week (ugh, just more for us to do!), he is on very restricted light duty, and he has to take medicine. They want to do a cortisone shot, but they're going to see how the medicine works first. :( I hate seeing him in pain, but he's tough.
I'm really enjoying life as Momma. It's definitely the best job I have ever had, although I don't get Saturdays to sleep in. That time will come though. It is definitely worth it to give my girl the best, even though it can be exhausting. Constance is an awesome baby. :)
God has been really good to us! I have an adorable girl, a strong husband that works hard, and everything that I've ever needed. I know I'm only 20, but life surely can't get any better than this. (At least not on this side of eternity!)

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