Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 month appointment!

Constance's one month appointment was today!!! She did really well throughout all of it. She now weighs 10 pounds, which is amazing. I was so afraid that she wasn't getting enough breastmilk in the beginning! :) She also had to have some blood drawn for a CVC test, which measures iron and blood sugar. She did perfectly with that as well. Josh and I got really nervous when they said they were giving her a hepatitis shot, because we've always heard horror stories from other parents about vaccinations. (Baby being really hysterical and whatnot.) However, she only cried for about a minute! She did wonderful after that and went right to sleep. That's my girl!!! :)
Today was a pretty trying day with her, I wont lie. She's been dealing with some gas issues and I think it may be linked to my having an oversupply. I've been emailing the Etown leader of Le Leche League about it and she gave me some advice on what to do in order to even things out. Right now I am block feeding, which is feeding on one breast for every two feedings to ensure she is getting more hindmilk. This is supposed to tell my body to slow down milk production! Things are slowly getting better, I am just having a very hard time with the waiting process. I hate seeing my poor girl in pain with gassiness - which is a result of having too fast of a flow. I'm just trusting the Lord with it though! My body was made for this. & As always, I am a determined. I love breastfeeding way too much to quit. :)   (As does my husband ... not that he breastfeeds ofcourse, but he thinks it's quite beautiful! He's also been a big encouragement and motivation through all of this!)
The best thing to do with days like today is pray. & Not only just go to the Lord and whine, but have faith that He'll supply the needs. Having faith in God when I can't see what He is doing is especially hard when it involves my little girl, but I know that's just plain silly. He's known her needs much longer than I have and He knows exactly what's up! When I let go of my obsessive worries and let Him carry it all, I feel so much better. Also, reading the Bible is great too! If you want rain, you've gotta prepare those fields!
I guess that's all for this evening. I am going to try to squeeze in an episode of One Tree Hill before bathtime and bedtime. :)

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