Thursday, August 12, 2010

33 weeks and 4 days!

33 Weeks and 4 Days! Almost 6 weeks until her due date!

Nothing really interesting is happening with the pregnancy this week. She's growing strong, as her kicks are even more powerful! They say the baby can sense night and day; this morning she was kicking and rolling like crazy as if to say, Mom, get up! I love her little movements. I am going to miss being pregnant so much. I love feeling her in there and knowing she's safe. She's all mine. I get kind of sad at the thought that everyone else will get to hold her and touch her after she is born, although I am excited about everyone fawning over the Princess! I just like having her to myself. Ha ha.

-Stretch marks look like they may be beginning to appear on my sides. They look like they're just opening up old stretch marks from puberty, which I guess isn't bad. I just don't want any on my tummy. I'll deal with it if they come, but I hope. & I lather with cocoa butter, even if it doesn't really do anything to prevent. Oh and my rear end looks like a cat attacked it. Oh well; I can deal with that!
-Still up only 23 pounds. I guess she had a major growth spurt and decided to slow down a little. The doctor says he is fine with this, as he only wants me to gain about 30!
-No swelling, other than my feet when I wear high heels. & Yes, I still rock my high heels on good days.
-I had three contractions in a row lastnight; that felt weird! Doctor says not to come downtown unless I have them every five minutes for an hour. It definitely wasn't that regular, so no worries!
-No strange cravings, I just love peanut butter. I normally have one peanut butter sandwich a day.
-I've been nesting A LOT. Her room looks like a little girl's paradise. I just want to move in there.
-I moved her highchair into the kitchen and her swing is sitting in the living room. It's starting to look like a baby lives here!
-I've decided that in the event that I have a c-section, I still want to be the second person to hold the baby. We've already planned that they'll hand the baby to Josh in the delivery room and he'll be the one to hand her to me. However, since I wont be able to hold her in the delivery room while in surgery, I told him I didn't want him to take her to meet the family or anything until I held her. :)
-I wish I had more people I knew that breastfed. I am getting a little nervous about it and I am scared people are just going to say - give the kid a bottle with formula, it wont kill em. I need someone to push me even when I want to give up! Mom breastfed, but it seems that she's forgotten a lot of what it was like over the years. Who knows, maybe it'll come to her. I'd really appreciate the help!
-I've decided to work at LJCA two days a week in the office after Constance's first 4-6 weeks. Thankfully I haven't made any real dedication, because we don't really know how it'll work out or if it will. I'll be able to take her with me, it'll be something to get us out of the house, it's a fairly simple job, and it means I will be able to see the students every day! (even if I won't be working in the classroom *pout*)
-I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks as a family of two, although I am so excited to see what kind of changes this sweet girl will bring!

I love being pregnant. :)

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