Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Randoms!

Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. It's the middle of the week; the day you realize there are only two days left (not counting the current one) until the weekend! It is also pasta night, which means at about 11am I start on some kind of an amazing sauce that I simmer all day long. The house smells amazing, although sometimes I fear just the scent of it will bring on heartburn. Oh well I have rolaids! Pasta night is to keep things slow and as stress free as possible, as our mid-week service is held at church on Wednesdays. I can't speak for everyone else, but I know I need that mid-week service. I still believe in daily Bible study and things like that, but something about hearing good preaching and seeing my church family is like a shot in the arm to get me through the week. I love it.
So, to commemorate Wednesdays, I have decided to specifically set my blog aside on Wednesdays for Wednesday Randoms. & This is just five random things I feel like briefly discussing for the day! Here goes nothin'!

1. Laundry has become a real hobby of mine ever since I started using Suavitel as fabric softener. There is something amazing about walking past my laundry area and smelling it. I also just love having clean clothes and clean towels all of the time. I feel like a slacker if there is ever anything in my hamper.

2. Celebrity gossip is a guilty pleasure of mine. This is something I've been doing since about middle school! I used to be addicted to the E! channel and I was huge on learning about all of the different celebrities. Now I just get enjoyment out of watching them screw their lives up. My favorite gossip page:

3. I have a random new found love for tomatoes. PaPa Larry used to grow tomatoes in his garden and would always try to get me to eat them. Needless to say, I wanted one of his donut sticks instead! Junk food addict, for sure. However, I've been loving them lately! Nanny says she used to steal them from her Mom's garden while she was pregnant and she'd eat them all. Maybe I get it from her. Mom is growing some yellow ones for me, so they wont be as acidic and cause heartburn. Yummy!

4. Josh and I like to travel back to childhood sometimes and have sleepovers in the living room. It's pretty dorky, but we'll take all of our pillows and cushions from the couch and make a little bed - just like we did as kids when we had friends over. & We'll watch movies. I'd like to say we stay up as late as we did when we were kids, but I guess being a worn out pregnant woman and his working so hard all day kind of prevents that! It's still really fun though.

5. I don't like to listen to a lot of music during the day. I used to blare it while cleaning and getting things done, but I've learned that I enjoy silence much more. Considering how fast my mind moves, my thoughts are pretty loud anyway.

Have a good Wednesday!

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