Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday joys.

I adore antique stores. The one in town has such a serene feel to it. Our town is small so there aren't people coming in and out constantly. I can enjoy my shopping experience alone. All of the scents, homemade quilts, old furniture, and sweet little old children's books makes it feel like there is a fireplace in there. (My ultimate goal for my own home.) You just want to curl up on a couch and sip coffee, if that's what you're into, and enjoy the atmosphere. This place always inspires me to do something new and different with my home, even if all I can afford is a little decoration to fill in space on our walls. It helps me to appreciate my home, to want to put more care and effort into making it beautiful. So, if you live in or near Lebanon Junction, make a stop by Main Street Antiques. Be sure to stop by the Ole Hick General Store as well; that place is super adorable and they have a lot of antiques and memorabilia as well. :)
Almost 29 weeks pregnant ... means 11 more weeks until my due date! I am so excited! Pregnancy has been getting a lot more eventful now that I am in my third trimester, as I finally feel pregnant. I haven't gotten a call about my glucose test which I took last Friday, so I am guessing that means I passed! The nurse said no news is good news. My belly is growing a lot and I am dreading the arrival of stretch marks. I lather up in cocoa butter every day, but I realize cocoa butter just helps with the appearance of stretch marks; they do not prevent them. Oh well. I have a moisturized tummy. I still get dehydrated quite easily, so I try and drink a glass of water every hour. It's hard to sit still enough to do. My weight gain is up 17 pounds. I have never hated stepping on my scale so much, but it's addicting and I wouldn't want to imagine the horror of having unexpected weight gain. I'd rather know right away. I think I am doing pretty good in that area though! Cellulite on my rear end and thighs just completely grosses me out; I've done everything I could to prevent it, but oh well. I'll just hide it for now and pray that I can at least minimize it once I am able to begin working out after Constance arrives. My baby girl moves around a lot and it's not just kicks I feel. I feel her move and roll over, so cool! I am pretty anxious to see what her movement will be like once I'm full term! Ha ha.  We have a growth ultrasound in about a month, which I am very excited about. Any opportunity to see my Constance is great! & I am tired a lot. Lastnight I passed out at 7, woke up at 9, and went back to sleep at 11. It was bliss. I'm doing everything I can to enjoy this pregnancy, because I realize it's sweet moments are flying by much too quickly. It's a very fun time, though. I just can't wait to meet our girl. :)

Enjoy the weekend.

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