Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not all churches are created equal

I have had quite a bit on my mind these past couple of days. Actually, I've been so angry and broken hearted that my even my dreams are consumed with thoughts. God has renewed a desire within me to see the lost saved, to see people hear the Gospel. Why? Because I've realized that not only are our churches that claim to worship God not preaching on it enough, some aren't preaching on it at all. We have churches who do not stand on the sound doctrine of the Word and their ideas about salvation, baptism, Heaven, etc. are scattered and confusing. Their worship is based on feelings, not the facts of the Word. They believe they're getting filled with the Holy Ghost because they speak in tongues or because the vain repetitions of the music makes them feel good. & There are lost people who are thirsty for the truth, you can see it in their eyes. Their heart is ready. Sadly, because the human heart is so easily deceived, these people will believe anything in order to know they've found God. These churches have these souls in the palm of their hands and one day they'll stand accountable for how they were taught. They will stand before God with the blood of the lost on their hands, because their false teaching led them to hell. The Bible ordains the local church to reach out and spread the Gospel, to lead others to Christ. When you're sitting in a church and you're hoping God shuts all of the ears of the lost, you know you're in a hell-sending church.
I don't hate these churches; I'm sad for them. I am sad that I can look into the history of certain denominations and find these churches were based on splits from the original church, because they disagreed with Biblical ordinances and wanted to do their own thing. I am broken for the people whose minds are being filled with lies because the church doesn't teach the full counsel.
Not all churches are created equal. Just because they sing about Jesus and praise Jesus and have God in their name does not mean they are true. Sadly, if a lost person is thirsty for the Word, they'll take anything because they know no better. It's the church's job to teach them, yet they learn nothing valuable.
I've got a renewed passion for people to hear the truth now that I know so many places have it wrong. Not because I think I am better or because I feel like my church is better. Not at all. I am totally down for a church that is doing something great for God and I pray for them, definitely! I'm just broken hearted for all of the false teachings and heresies that go around today, misrepresenting the Gospel, and ultimately sending lost people to hell. (Yes, I do believe in preaching on hell, although I think it is wrong to do it in order to scare and cause an "emotional experience" - which I'll get into soon.)
& Be careful when you're looking for a church. Not all churches are created equal and there are too many who will lead you in the wrong direction. If you're already in a Bible-believing church, be careful when you visit (on vacations, for family, community revivals, etc.). There are things going on that are better not seen.

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