Thursday, July 1, 2010

Third trimester whatttt?!?!

This Sunday is not only the 4th of July, but it also marks the beginning of my third trimester! Whaaaaaat?! Where has time gone? I'm pretty nervous about it, considering everyone tells me that everything will go downhill from here. & I halfway believe them after feeling sick all week from dehydration (taking good care of myself) and realizing that I need to slow down a little in my activities. But, I'm a trooper; a tough girl! I'll make do with whatever situations God hands me. Tomorrow is my seven month appointment which means glucose tolerance test, but most importantly I am going to get some answers to questions I've been having these past few days. I can't wait to hear my little one's heartbeat. That is always a treat!
& There is the belly at almost 28 weeks. That girl sure makes me look good. :)

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