Friday, June 25, 2010

26 weeks and five days :)

I cannot believe I am going to be 27 weeks on Sunday! Only one week away from my third trimester. I am so amazed at how quickly my pregnancy is flying by. Lastnight I went shopping for some maternity clothes, the time has actually come for them. I very skeptically checked out the Outreach Thrift Store, which I figured would just have moo-moos and ugly maternity dresses. However, I am so glad that I went there. I found a pair of very nice Motherhood Maternity brand jeans and they only cost me about $1. They probably would have cost me about $30 or $40 at the actual store! I am sooo thankful that I found those. They fit nicely and they are comfortable! That's definitely important when you have an ever expanding waistline.
Today is Friday and I am so glad! I always love our weekends, although lately they've been so jampacked and busy. This weekend we're dedicating this weekend to ourselves and doing minimal activities other than what we want to do! We've got to shop for my WIC tonight, stop by at a sweet 16 birthday party (and I will avoid Ms. Donna's cake, I will avoid Ms. Donna's cake ...), and then we have our church services on Sunday. Woohoo! I don't think we'll know what to do with ourselves. But it will be good. We've talked a lot about how we have allowed our schedules to get wayyy too full with things we don't really need to do and how we just need to let life slow down a little. Plus, we've got a baby on the way! We have to enjoy these last few months with just ourselves and really work on having a healthy relationship with one another!
God is being so good to me and I am so excited about it! Ever since I began reading His Word and setting aside time to study, I have been learning so much and have felt so much peace about things. I definitely believe a daily Bible study is vital to a relationship with God, because "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1:1) To truly understand who God is and to get closer to Him, we've gotta study that Word!!! & I am so stinkin' excited about it.
Well, I guess that's all for today. I'm cooking turkey wings tonight and I really have no idea if I am even going to like it or not. Buuut, I do get to eat more squash, which is becoming my new favorite vegetable! Good times. :)

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