Thursday, July 29, 2010

God is good!

I am very thankful that Josh and I began saving random extra change a couple of months ago. We have this ammunition box (yeah, strange) that we throw our extras into and a little ledger to show how much we put in. The box was mainly for either emergencies or for fun, but we decided until that time we weren't going to take any money out of it. Yesterday, our electricity got turned off because we were a few days late. Our electric company got bought by new owners and they have stricter policy on when to get the bill in. We're not normally late, but we've gotten pretty comfortable with not having to get it in on time. Obviously to get the electricity turned back on, we needed to go to the place and pay the bill. Thankfully, the money we had saved was one dollar more than what we had needed. God knew we would need that money. He is so good! & Thank God for the idea of saving money! Ever since we've stopped eating out a lot, started putting so much money a week into the credit union (another savings we have), and just being more wise with our money - we've struggled a lot less. God is really showing us how to be good stewards of what we have! & He is providing, as always!

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