Monday, August 2, 2010

What saves us?

You know, I didn't really understand the full depth and detail of Jesus' dying on the cross. On the night I got saved, I really didn't think about it much. I knew I was lost, I knew that if Jesus came back I was going to be left behind, and I knew I needed to humble my heart and accept Christ. However, I didn't have an extensive intellectual knowledge of what all happened in order for me to even have the offer of salvation. I didn't do a huge study on the crucifixion and resurrection beforehand. God drew me, He pointed me out, and He told me - "You're lost. You need me."
Paul's story was the same on the road to Damascus. God appeared before Him and Paul knew exactly who He was. God pointed Paul out and told him exactly what needed to be done. Paul didn't have to know all of the details either. He just met God and knew he needed a Saviour.
That is the drawing of the Holy Spirit. We know we're lost, we experience conviction, and we are faced with the decision as to whether or not we'll accept God's salvation. Salvation does not depend on our intellectual knowledge or good works, but instead the power of God. The only thing we do is accept. God does the rest.
This is where Christianity stands out from all other religions of the world. To enter other churches, you have to achieve some kind of status, do a good deed, or perform some kind of good work. Yes, this includes "Christian" churches that say baptism earns us a place in Heaven. These religions depend on the individual and what they do in order for them to enter. Christianity depends on Christ and His saving grace.
It is a misconception that when a person becomes a Christian, they start living by the dusty old book of oppressive rules. They believe being a Christian is about listening to the right music, dressing the right way, speaking the right way, going to the right church. Anyone who teaches you that those things will get you into Heaven teach you lies. Those are the things that happen after salvation, changes that God makes. They aren't the good deeds that will get us into Heaven.
Any religion, faith, or church that attaches anything to salvation is legalistic and false. They do not teach the true Word of God in it's entirety. Some churches claim to preach the Word, but they're picking and choosing what they want out of it.
That is a pretty bold statement, I do realize that. In a time where we're supposed to be more religously tolerant, I am over here saying hell is the only result of believing in these false faiths. I don't think I am anything special or cool - I just stick by what the Word of God says:
God is the only way to Heaven. He is the only source of salvation. He is the only one that can draw a person into salvation. It is not of our works, our intelligence, our baptism, or anything else.
"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me." - John 14:6 (Jesus speaking)
So, it doesn't matter that I couldn't pass a quiz on crucifixion basics the night I got saved. It doesn't matter that I was wearing blue jean pants (oh yes, some people will tell you your heart isn't right if you're a woman wearing pants). It doesn't matter that I didn't fully understand or comprehend all that the Lord did for me. All that mattered was that God was there, He was ready to save me, I knew I was lost, and I accepted His salvation.
Knowledge is not power, because it will not save you. It is only God's power that can.

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