Tuesday, July 20, 2010

30 weeks and 2 days!

Ten more weeks. Ten more weeks. Ten more weeks. I am almost in the single digits. 68 days.

That's what I keep thinking now! The arrival of our sweet Constance Elizabeth once seemed so far away, but now it's almost here. I am amazed at how quickly it has passed by.
My doctor's appointment last Friday went well. My bloodwork was perfect, which makes me very happy. Little girl's heartbeat was strong like always and I was measuring perfect. My doctor was not happy about my weight gain of ____ pounds, but also said that this may just be my body and pregnancy. I feel I could have done some things better and exercised more, but what's done is done. I just need to make sure I watch what I eat in the next few weeks and exercise when I can.

VBS began Sunday night and it has been going great! There have been many things trying to get in the way of us doing work for God, but ultimately He has shown up! & Lastnight one young boy got saved. It was a great reminder of what we do this work for; that this isn't for me or for anyone else. It is for the glory of God; to see young people get saved and learn about Christ. There really isn't anything more important.

Our library in town opened up last week and I am so excited about it. They have a room full of Lebanon Junction History!!! Okay, so this may sound like small potatoes to some, but I am really fascinated by it. This is such a neat little town and although I didn't grow up here, I love learning about it's histroy. Josh and I spent a few hours in that room the other night flipping through pictures and reading different books about things. They also have some great resources for tracking ancestry, although I have no family from around here. Just thought that was neat too. The children's area is really cool - I am so excited to take Constance there when she is big enough! Yeaaah. I definitely see myself spending quite a bit of time there. Plus, the librarians are so sweet. They have become like family to me. They know all about my pregnancy and everything that goes on with us. So neat. Got to love these small towns and the fact that everyone gets to know one another!!

I guess that is all of the exciting news in my life. Yes, I realize my life isn't the most exciting compared to others. Buuut, I'm saved by the blood of Jesus, my name is written in Heaven, I'm serving Him, my baby is growing perfectly, and our library rocks. I can't really ask for much more!


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