Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Randoms!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! Time flies! But that is definitely a good thing. The weekend is coming up and Josh and I plan to relax as much as we can before VBS begins. Next week is going to be insane!!!
So, as I said last week, each Wednesday is dedicated to 5 different random things I feel like talking about. :)

1. Last week I mentioned that I love celebrity gossip, so I figured I'd dish on the latest - Lindsay Lohan. I thought she was such a cute little girl; The Parent Trap came out when I was about eight or nine and I thought she was just the coolest. I also really enjoyed her in Mean Girls. It's sad to see what her life has become. However, I definitely think that after trying to cheat the law and not living up to her probation - she definitely deserves jail. I heard some guy on a celeb news show say that she isn't aware of her wrongdoings and that she doesn't know any better; compared her to a child with a box of matches! Really?! She's like 24! Okay, so her parents are wackos; I understand that. However, she's an adult and she is responsible for her own decisions. Go to jail, Lindsay. Quit whining. & Get a good butt whippin' while you're there.

2. I don't like a lot of new Christian music, simply because I think it's rather hokey. But we wont go there! I have been listening to a lot of Jeremy Camp lately and this guy is the real deal! I love his songwriting; I feel it was written in a spirit of true worship! His testimony is really awesome as well. I definitely reccomend checking him out.

3. Welch's Grape Juice thrills my soul. My doctor reccomended drinking juice when the baby isn't moving very much, so I've made sure to keep it around in the event that happens. But I've fallen in love with the stuff! It definitely hits the spot. I guess that's better than soda, which I rarely ever drink anymore. (Anything to keep from getting puffy and bloated. Not to mention it's not good for you!!!)

4. I just burnt my tongue while tasting my spaghetti sauce. I seriously hate it when that happens. It reminds me of Tuesday afternoons at WKU before my three hour Public Speaking class (yes, I was crazy to do that) where I'd get a cup of coffee at a little shop in the library. Every time I burnt my tongue. & It doesn't really hurt, it just feels annoying!

5. Confession: I ate an entire box of raisinets lastnight. It was only 300 calories or so, but boy did I feel bad after! Oh well - they're definitely my favorite candy and you can't just eat a handful. I normally have pretty decent self control with candy/chocolate, but not my raisinets.

Have a good Wednesday. :)

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