Friday, June 11, 2010

Women of God in My Life

My mom and I have always been very close. We used to have marathon talks for hours when I was younger and you just couldn't do anything to shut us up. I haven't always appreciated my mom the way I should have and I guess with getting older I find new reasons to really respect her. She is a wonderful woman and I am so glad that God has blessed me with her. Today she's coming over for the entire day. I think at first we were planning on doing shopping and staying busy, but we've decided we're just going to have a day together just like when I lived with her. I really need that. Girls need their Mommas. I love my relationship with Josh and I know that I'd pretty much die if he weren't in my life, but my relationship with Mom is so special. Before I met my husband, she was my best friend above all others. I realize her place in my life has changed, but she will always be very important to me.
Speaking of awesome women, God has also blessed me with some great Christian women in my life. I have taken many of these women for granted in the past few months, because I have been dealing with a lot of cold-heartedness and bitterness that has purposefully pushed people away. However, I can't deny that these women are amazing. I'll start out with the woman behind my man (who my man is also very much alike) - my mother in law. I know it's been hard for her to let go of Josh and see another woman take care of him, especially with him being her first. However, I can't deny she's been very special in my life since the beginning and she has been a great friend. I remember how the night I got saved it seemed like she knew exactly what I was experiencing and she got right up there with me and prayed. Josh and I take her very for granted, but fact of the matter is, she's a wonderful woman of God and she's going to be a great Grandmother!
I'm also thankful for the ladies in my apartment building. They all go to church with me, which is definitely a blessing. There is nothing like Christian fellowship between women who are real and understand each other. I must say I used to have a hard time around Christian chicks when I was younger, because they were all about how perfect they were and it just seemed kind of hokey to hang around them. But these ladies are real. & They're so warm. I'll be real sad once we move into a home (eventually). We'll hopefully always go to Faith Baptist, unless God moves us elsewhere, but nothing will be like having neighbors who you know are sisters in Christ.
Like I said earlier, I have really been dealing with some hard heartedness and have just had a bad attitude. I have even had a few women tell me they could sense it from a mile away! God has really been trying to break that down, trying to make me realize that opening up to people is okay and that I don't have to be all prideful and say - "I don't like people. I don't need friends." Because friendship between women is a God-ordained thing! & We totally need it.
This little list doesn't do the women in my life justice, because there are so many more who have made a difference. These are just the ones on my mind today. :)

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