Monday, June 14, 2010


Revival in my heart and home is something I have been praying for. Revival isn't necessarily the emotional shouting and stomping of feet when we get excited about God, because sadly unsaved people experience that and all they're feeling is emotions. It is what happens after that amazing experience; it is when we continue to allow God to revive our souls day after day through His Word and wisdom. I must say I have had plenty of revived moments in the past months, only to find my life quickly going back to normal and my focus on God fading. I wondered - Where the heck did God go? Really, God didn't go anywhere. God promises to never leave or forsake us, that nothing can separate us from His love. When we can't feel God in our lives anymore, it's because we have stopped seeking Him. We had our feel good moment at church when all seemed right, but then life went back to normal and God found His typical spot at the back burner. We aren't taking time out of our day to study His Word, we aren't praying, and we are spiritually malnourished. I don't just want the revival meeting and the good feelings - where it's all glory hallejuah, although that in itself is all well and good. I want what happens after; a truly dedicated and devoted life to God's will, a full surrender. I want God to be ever present in my life and I want to be desperate the way I was when I first came to Him.
With that said, revival and worship is not about feelings, because my feelings constantly change. It's an act, a discipline, something we do in full obedience to God. A recognition of the facts despite our circumstances, worries, and feelings. We lay our feelings at the door and focus on Him, the unconditional One who promises to be the same yesterday, today, and forever. As Elisabeth Elliot says, we worship in spite of our feelings.
So, bask in His glory when you feel those spiritual highs. Take it all in. However, don't let it end there. Let the revival go on, even if our feelings and circumstances change (I can guarantee they will). Let God do His work.

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