Friday, June 4, 2010


It's Friday! :) I watched the first Sex and The City lastnight; figured I might feel froggy and go see the second one in theatres. I always enjoyed watching the show, so I had a pretty good idea of what was going on. It was a pretty good movie, I could have just really done without the multiple sex scenes. I mean, these weren't just sex scenes - it was like softcore porn. So although I am a little curious to see the second one, I am afraid that sitting in a movie theatre with a bunch of people and watching a graphic sex scene might just make me a little embarrassed. That stuff is just real private to me, you know?
This weekend is the Lebanon Junction Spring Fling. Woo! It's just a little thing our town does where we have a community yard sale, a car show, car cruise, and a lot of people get drunk. Fun! Josh wants to go to the car show tomorrow night and I am hitting up the yard sales while he takes his dad fishing. Good stuff.
I am reading a lot about cloth diapering and it is so complicated. However, I'm determined to learn more about it. I don't want to make the decision to use disposables just because learning about cloth was too hard. To me it's the same as breastfeeding, you've got to take the time to learn about it to really have any confidence in doing it or not. I do believe we have decided to offically cloth diaper, as it will be better for us financially and it will be better for C's butt! I just have a lot of learning to do AND a little money to spend gearing up for it.
& Today is the six month doctor's appointment. I don't really ever mind going to the doctor - I just always get scared they're going to tell me something is wrong with my little sweetpea. I know she's fine as far as I can tell - she beats me up from the inside every day. Oh & Josh gets off an hour early today because he went in an hour early (which I must say I hated). I know we're just going to the doctor, but extra time with him is special!
Now I have to get to even more cleaning. Today is the oven and stove (yuck), hallway baseboards and walls, bedroom baseboards, and throwing away a lot of junk we have acquired in our bedroom. Oh and vaccuming - my least favorite chore for some odd reason. I got a Lean Cuisine Pizza the other night at food bank and it reminded me of working at BFR with my mom. Let's just say that as usual, I am excited about lunch. Ha ha.

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