Thursday, June 3, 2010

23 weeks and four days

I made some amazing spaghetti sauce yesterday. I didn't really do anything special with it; just let it simmer all day long until it was time to eat. It was perfect and my hubby really enjoyed it. I'm excited about my leftovers for lunch today! (Okay, I am typically excited about every meal I eat.)

I am almost at 24 weeks, which means I am six months pregnant. Wow. This is just flying by. By the looks of our summer plans, that will be going by quite quickly too. I am excited that Constance will be here in just a short while, but I am also a little scared as well. I wonder how a baby is going to affect our relationship, how it will affect my ever so perfect routine, and how I will handle it. It's like the time leading to September is a ticking clock. I suppose this is normal; the unknown is always scary. I believe we'll be fine though. I am just scared about the adjustments more than anything.

Grandma's house was quite fun; I really enjoyed myself there. I've decided I am going to take the Southern Illinois rendition of strawberry shortcake (which is crushed strawberries, sugar, and pie crusts all together in a bowl - delish!) and start making it on my own. I absolutely love that stuff! Not a lot of people around here have even heard of eating their strawberries that way, so I guess it's a regional thing. I'm pretty excited about it! I also got to talk to Grandma quite a bit. Thankfully she's a nightowl like me, so it was nothing for her to stay up and chat a while. It's interesting what you can learn from your grandparents and I know I have really taken that for granted. I am just glad that I can learn all about my family history from someone. I sure wish I could have heard more stories from Pa Pa as I got older. I can't wait to go back to visit and spend more time with her. She's a very very special woman to me.

Now it's time for a day of deep cleaning! Yesterday I scrubbed the floors and walls of my bathroom and other than some old baseboards that really need to be replaced, it looks amazing! I am so proud. Today is the kitchen and I'm really just not going to think about how much of a task this is going to be. Good day.

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