Thursday, May 27, 2010

you look like you're lots of fun

Not having a water heater was kind of fun, I must say. Don't get me wrong; it really annoyed me that it took so long for it to get replaced. However, it felt good to just take it in stride and keep going. My hubby was going through it right along with me, my house stayed clean, my dishes stayed washed, and I got a bath (even if I did sort of freeze). Can't complain there! God is good!
Church was a real blessing lastnight. We almost didn't make it, but the more I thought about not being there, the more I wanted to be. We often let our busy lives and exhaustion become an excuse for not being in God's house, but I know I am often missing a blessing by not going. Church is a religious freedom that many don't have the chance to exercise in other countries. I really shouldn't take that for granted.
I am so excited about leaving tomorrow! We've decided to come back on Sunday, so we can see Josh's dad on his birthday. & Josh has Monday off for Memorial Day, so we'll have a chance for another day off to do whatever we want. Josh used the majority of his vacation days already for my doctor's appointments, so it's rare that he gets a day off other than the weekend (which goes by too fast). I'm really going to miss my Pa Pa while we're there; I think about him a lot. I am just glad we can hang out with my family. I went through a phase where I was too cool for grandparents and for my family in Illinois, but I am now realizing how important they are to me. I'm just really sad that it's happening after Pa died. I'd do anything to see him.
Well, God is good to me. That's about it for today. :)

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