Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 22!

Summer break is the best feeling. I'm not in school anymore, but it's totally in the air. I love seeing the kids get out of school for three months, which I remember always feeling like an eternity (until I had to get a summer job ugh!). Although I am not a kid and Josh still has to work every day, that fresh feeling of summer rubs off on us. We're a little more carefree, a little more adventurous. I know everyone says that this time of year is the worst time to be pregnant. I will have a few miserable days, I'm sure. However, I believe summertime, being one of the best seasons of the year, is the best way to spend my last few months before having little Constance. I plan to soak it up!
I am ready for:
Flowy summer dresses that wont be uncomfortable on my growing belly
Comfortable flip flops on my feet that have already changed in size (yuck)
Swimming and catching some sun, since I couldn't hit up a tanning bed
Chasing down an ice cream truck, something I haven't done yet this year
Bernheim walking trails (flat ones, of course)
Walking late at night around town
Vacation Bible School
Staying up til 1am on work nights and not feeling bad about it

& Yes, it is week 22. I don't guess there are really huge events happening this week. Little girl hasn't been kicking me as much today, which kind of worries me. I'm afraid too much consumption of soft drinks over the weekend (caffeine free of course) has hurt her! Oh well. She'll show up eventually. The scale says I gained two pounds over the weekend, which I really hope isn't true. I ate a lottt over the weekend! (It always seems to be that way!) Oh well though. Dad bought her stroller and carseat set, which is very cute. & My belly is slowly but surely getting bigger. I cannot wait to meet her!
We're going to visit my Grandma in Illinois this weekend; something we really need. We really just need to get away and rest, something I've always loved about staying there. Grandma's house is always so serene. I also need to go see my Nanny, my mom's Momma. I figure I'll go spend a day with her like I used to as a kid - sleep on her couch and watch tv shows with her. Gotta love those grandparents. :)

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