Thursday, May 13, 2010

Work all day, to earn his pay, so we can play all niiiiight ... :)

A part of me feels bad for saying it, but I am going to be really glad when school is out for summer. I really have loved working at LJCA and I know God has had me there for a reason. (I believe some of the people I have spent time around and their testimonies played a huge role in my accepting Christ!) However, ever since I got pregnant, my heart has really been in my home. Call me old school or traditional, but I just love being a stay at home wife. It's so nice to always stay up on laundry, plan meals, accomplish to do lists I set for myself every day, set my own schedule, and have time for things I like to do. & Most of all, I love having a serene little nest for Josh to come home to every day after work. That man really works hard and he does it all to support our family. He could just ditch and say it's too hard, but he makes a conscious decision every day (even when he hasn't felt that great; stubborn butthead) to get up and go. He deserves something nice to come home to. Nothing makes me happier than to have him come home to that. =]
I guess another reason why I really love being a stay at home wife is because I feel that family comes first. Now, I don't believe being a working mom and having it all is wrong. (My mom did it quite successfully - she worked every day til about 5 or 6 in downtown Louisville, always had a hot meal on the dinner table, stayed involved in her kid's schoolwork and lives, and always had a clean home.) Let me just say this to those women: I applaud you! However, that is totally not me. I am soooo one track minded. When I worked at the school full time (I have only been working til about 11:30 these past few months), I never kept up my home. Josh and I both tried to stay on top of things, but we were such a mess. I wanted to nap every day until about five in the afternoon, I was a zombie, I'd be depressed because my home was a mess, and Josh and I didn't get a lot of alone time because we were too busy keeping the house up! I loved working at the school and put all of my energy into working there, but it was causing problems at home. Once I got pregnant, that only got worse. So call me lazy or weak, but I decided it was best to just work at the school part time for the remainder of the year and be a stay at home wife. I agonized over this decision at first, but I've realized - family is more important to me than anything. & Ever since I have switched my hours, things have been so much better. My job at home has been very fulfilling and I enjoy every minute of it.
Soon there will be a baby thrown into the mix, so I will not be returning to LJCA. I really don't know how a baby will affect my schedule, but I get the feeling God is preparing me for it. I've finally learned how to stay on top of laundry and dishes - all of the time. So I am sure that means the baby's needs will fill up all of my free time! But I am so excited for the challenge! It's definitely going to keep me busy. =] I also plan to find some part time work that I can do at home or at least easy/creative ways to make money.
Later on, I plan to go back to school or something like that. I know that once our little ones leave the nest, I don't want to be all old and sitting at home knitting. Josh and I have already said we'll probably live about a thousand lives before God calls us to come home (that's if He doesn't come back first!). But for now, I love being a stay at home wife. No other job in the world could satisfy me the way this one does. :)

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